A sweet little hat

I went into my living room, where I have a little knitting corner set up, to get the package of yarn for the Drops Vest I want to make. I knew I needed to ball it up and thought I might as well prep it so it would be ready when I was. Only, I saw some project bags and wondering what they could be, looked. I found scraps I use for newborn hats I take to one of the local hospitals. It’s been a long while since I dropped any off, so I thought, hey, I can knock out a few real quick. So I did.

Ok, so I got at least one knocked out.

Leftovers are Cleakheaton Cocoon in lavender, Cascade Heritage Paints in Dahlia, and for the flower Frog Tree Meriboo in Raspberry and Beige. As you can see, I started with plain Cocoon and then added in Dahlia. Only, I ran out of Dahlia too soon. I am hoping the crocheted flower draws attention away from that fact. I hate crochet, and these little flowers were no fun, but they do spiff it up a tad.

The 2nd hat is using some leftover Splat in the Heritage Paints with the leftover Cocoon. Not quite as great a match, but at least it will keep a preemie’s head warm.

Now on to the weekend. It will hopefully find me at the pool and in the water. But who knows how refreshing that will be? By this time of the year the pool feels like a bath. And that is not cool! I want to be revived when I dip my toes in, not sweat even more. Have a good one wherever you are.


10 thoughts on “A sweet little hat

  1. That is such a sweet hat. The yarn is absolutely perfect. You know I love that you do these knits. I still have the purple premie hat that some kind knitter donated to the NICU my son was in when he was born. That’s heart, that is, Chris. Thanks.

    1. I blush, you are too kind. I just feel like every baby deserves a hat knit hat. I make them for those I know personally, and why not spread that love to those I don’t. Now I will be certifiable when I start carrying them with me and handing them out to strangers. Oh wait, been there, done that, too many times to count!

    1. Not really, I just grab whatever I have enough of to make a hat. I doubt the moms at the hospital think they are all that. LOL! But thank you for the compliment!

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