I flunked an MRI

It takes a special kind of stupid to do that. Actually, I didn’t even get all the way in the machine before I had to be backed out. Geesh, what am I, a blubbering pile of goo? Well, just about. I know I am claustrophobic. I know that is an issue for some with MRIs. Having never even seen one in person, I guess I wasn’t too leery. But once I was gliding into the thing, I realized just how bad I have it. I can’t even stick my head under the bed to fish out the dog or socks, what made me think I could do this?

I have been seeking answers to a hip issue I have. Pain in joint and down leg. PT has not cured it. Steroids haven’t stopped it. It’s only been dogging me at various levels of pain for 30 years. But the last 5 or so years the pain has been steadily increasing in frequency.

The thing I don’t understand is, they keep asking me about my back pain. I HAVE NO BACK PAIN. I know, they are thinking it’s referred pain from a nerve in the back. But it is only the left hip, and only with certain movements, or after a grueling day I end up with local aching.

The PT helps when she distracts my hip. The exercises they have me doing for my core are not alleviating the pain. The exercises I am doing to stretch the hip are causing more pain than help. I am about at the end of my rope on the whole thing.

Thankfully they can schedule me at a facility with an open MRI, maybe I won’t fail that test? Pray for me. To get a backbone or something.


7 thoughts on “I flunked an MRI

  1. You need a distraction, since you are claustrophobic. I know you can’t have any metal, so phones are out, but can you ask for some sort of word search or puzzle? Do you have to be on your back or can you lay on your stomach?

  2. On my back, no moving, nothing but me in the chamber. At least the open one is a ring you pass through instead of a tube you lay in. Thanks for the suggestions though. With a 35 minute procedure you would hope they let you entertain yourself.

  3. I have the same problem. My dr gave me Atavan to take 15 minutes before the test, and it’s fine. If you can’t get an open MRI, you might want to try that.

  4. Fellow hip-pain sufferer here. Also had an MRI (only the bottom half of my torso was in the machine; shoulders / head were outside). I have hip impingement – too much bone, which restricts movement and causes irritation / inflammation. I get acupuncture every month for the inflammation and it’s been a life saver. Hope you get some relief soon.

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