My Fair Lady

Well, the results of the Fair Open Class are in. And my little entries took:

4th in Holiday

4th in Cross Stitch

4th in Knitted/Crocheted Shawl
(only knit one in the class)

2nd in a Miscellaneous Class

1st!!! in Small Knit Item

1st!!! in Knitted Garment

No Grand Champion this year, but my friend won that title with her beautiful crocheted table cloth. And I believe she garnered some other place ribbons with her other crocheted items.

Just happy to have my knitting acknowledged, Hubster isn’t known for noticing, LOL. He came home the other day and felt something was different in the house, but had no clue. Actually, I had moved several pieces of furniture that he never uses or touches. One he didn’t even realize we had in the house. And when I told him to open the pantry to see the wonders I wrought in there he said…”I don’t like change”. Give me a freaking break, the only thing he EVER gets out of the pantry is the chips! So now he has to reach on the left side instead of the right. Bwahahahaha!!!!

Now to get back to knitting. I have been cranking out baby hats again, using them to avoid the large items I have on the needles. 1 wrap that is just going to get even larger, 1 sweater I am contemplating ripping out, and 1 sweater vest I just started. I just don’t want to make decisions or work with heavy wool or large pieces. Almost considered doing the vest in pieces do avoid the 236 cast on stitches!

 Leftover Cocoon and Heritage Paint

I wasn’t sure I was going to like the combo of these two yarns, but now I think it adorable! And I just love big pom poms on small hats. This will go in the hospital pile, and when I deliver them I just might ask why they won’t consider me for a job!! Really? How many times do I have to apply?


8 thoughts on “My Fair Lady

    1. Thanks. I would rearrange more, but some of this furniture is too dang heavy! LOL. That, and, Hubster SO DOES NOT LIKE CHANGE! But then, that could make it fun. Bwahahahahaaaaaa!

  1. Lovely lovely work! Fairs are so much fun. I love the anticipation of getting things ready to go! I generally do a fair bit of baking! One year I worked really hard to win the overall ribbon, which had to be 10 different categories of baking, and I did win it, but they said “we didn’t expect that anyone would qualify so we didn’t order a ribbon!!! Excellent work though – you deserved it!

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