Introducing Robin Hood

OK, I know you need no introduction to Robin Hood. He’s a classic figure in folklore. I am talking about my little Robin HOOD. You saw a sneak peek if you caught my previous post. After posting that, I couldn’t remember the post where I showed a full account of Robin, so this is it.

Robin Hood from Adorable Knits for Tots
by Zoe Mellor

I was invited to a baby shower for our friend’s daughter. So immediately my mind goes to baby sweater. With no chance of knitting to gender I had to look for as generic a pattern as possible, but with wow factor. So off to one of my favorite books. I have made the cover sweater 3 times and Robin Hood once before.

I was at knitting the day I decided to choose a pattern, so it was convenient to pick up the yarn. I chose Hayfield Chunky with Wool. Unfortunately, I had to stay neutral in color. I wanted a deep orange color, a fall shade, but couldn’t find one, so beige it was.


I forget how quick Chunky knits up! 12 days from start to finish, with not a lot of hours spent knitting. The yarn is very pleasant to knit with. I am not a big fan of Acrylic, but this one doesn’t come off as plasticy. I do know the ease of care will be better for momma in the long run. I used just about 3 full skeins of yarn, and in eyeing the price of the yarn at WEBS right now, at $2.99 a skein, I think I just might get some red or navy to stash for future babies.


I finally had all pieces done, seamed, and now all I needed was buttons. I knew I wanted toggles, but the search proved difficult for the right color and size. I thought I scored with a set from La Mode, but they were definitely too large. So I ended up using a plain wooden toggle that didn’t really make my heart sing, but works in size and function.


I don’t know about you, but for me the buttons are just as vital as the yarn. Even when I sewed, buttons were never scrimped on. My buttons sometimes ended up costing more than my fabric! And that’s defiantly true sometimes with my buttons/yarn.

The time frame of this project was perfect. As soon as I finished it and blocked it, it was time for the Fair Open Class entries to be delivered. So off it went to be judged and hopefully awarded a ribbon. And it did! It won!

Ack! I hate poor lighting, the yarn is not this dark.
Double Ack! Can’t they at least get my name right!

First place in Small Knitted Item. Unfortunately our knitting classes aren’t well represented, so they lump things into a few categories. This was 1 of two garments, the rest were hats. I feel so bad that these items compete against each other, those hat makers should have their own class to enter. Oh well, unless I become involved in the system, I can’t talk. I did judge the class in the past, but then I couldn’t enter my stuff!

Now the question is, do I mail off the ribbon with the gift? Grandma says to just send a photo of sweater with ribbon. LOL!


11 thoughts on “Introducing Robin Hood

  1. Gorgeous sweater, and congrats on the ribbon! I have that book, and also enjoy the patterns -but I haven’t knit that particular sweater. But I now have a baby to knit for (grandchild), so perhaps this upcoming winter…

    1. Thank you. You must make it, it is really a sweet sweater. I am thinking it can be done in worsted and just use the numbers for a larger size with the lengths of a smaller. That might be on my plate in the future.

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