Hats, hats, and more hats! And a very happy Birthday

I am trying to use up scraps and benefit others, so I knit newborn hats for one of the local hospitals. It makes for fun knitting, I use new to me patterns, try different color combos, and they help fill the down time when I can’t focus on a big knitting item or am very mobile.


They also help me revisit favorite knit items the scraps were leftover from. This hat uses two yarns that were used for shawls. Two very wonderful shawls. The bottom garter band has both yarns held together, a small amount of Mad Tosh Sport in a lovely blue and a strand of Fleece Artist Somoka Fingering in a blue lime variegated. The MT was used in my French Cancan shawl, I love this shawl!!! It swings and wraps so nicely, and is just easy to wear. The FAS was used to knit an Annis shawl for a friend for her cruise to Alaska. I have an Annis myself, and it used to be my favorite wrap. Now I have so many, it’s hard to say which is my favorite!

So, now I am on to some leftover Vintage worsted, which I may get two hats out of if I make them preemie. And then I am digging out the Dale of Norway Baby Ull and doing some stranded patterns. Off to look for some or find some charts to use for my own designs.

image image
Both shots from Florida, on the beach in Daytona and on the campus of FGCU

And as to that Birthday? It’s Diva Girl’s 19 birthday. OMG! I can not believe that my youngest child is 19!!! I can’t be old enough to have an almost 22 year old and a 19 year old. We are taking her out to a favorite local restaurant and then she is off to enjoy her present on Sunday. 21 Pilots or someone? Of course I keep wanting to call them Stone Temple Pilots. LOL! And then 2 weeks later I will be leaving her 14 hours away. Sob! It’s coming much too quickly. And for her too. The apprehension is over taking her. Please pray that she will find peace and happiness in her temporary home. Luckily she has 2 other roommates and they each have their own bedroom, so she has a safe space, but isn’t all alone. And she has 2 others she met through trips down there to reach out to. I know she will be fine, but she is leery at this point. Now, to find peace for momma! Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Hats, hats, and more hats! And a very happy Birthday

  1. Happy birthday to your sweet college girl!! I think it is very normal to have some apprehension about going to a new place. Sending good vibes that she loves it and it loves her right back!

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