And the news is….

We are moving. I am eating my words*, uttered so long ago when I shook the dust of Indy off my shoes. At least this time we are moving to the west/southwest side of the big city, we won’t actually have to live inside the loop.

Major apprehension and fear are at the forefront, but then happy that Hubster has been tapped for a new position in the new org chart of his company.


  • Advancement in company, a chance to shine in his new job, which he is well suited for.
  • Closer to Jeep Girl who attends UIndy for one more year.
  • Closer to my only sister, we are two peas in a pod.
  • We will only be 3 hours away from “home”, so we can easily come back to visit whenever we feel the need.


  • Moving further away from Diva Girl at FGCU
  • Moving away from family on both sides
  • Moving away from family friends
  • Moving away from PTA friends
  • Moving away from knitting friends
  • Moving away from church friends
  • Moving away from all that is familiar

Obviously the cons outweigh the pros, but that top pro is the one that fuels all decisions. At least I know all of the knit shops in the area, and actually found one not far from possible homes we are considering! Life will be good, it will just be a new good.

*That I would NEVER move back to Indy!


12 thoughts on “And the news is….

  1. Well congratulations to your husband and you! I know there are more cons than pros but honestly they look like some good pros to me. I think the sister thing is a big ++! Sending you best wishes for a smooth transition. You will enjoy visiting with your good friends even more now, because I’m SURE you will keep in touch. 🙂

    1. Some are planning to come visit, others we will always be sure to come back to see when they have events. Life goes on, and we must adapt. My fear is not finding a knitting group to join!!!

  2. Looks like their is an epidemic of moving for bloggy-friends this year. Good luck on your move to Indy! In our family, DH’s job ALWAYS dictated where we would live even if it meant living in two different states (when family could not go too).

    But —- retirement means never having to do THAT again. So, what are we doing??? MOVING! As soon as our house sells, we are packing up the yarn, crating up the cat and we are OUT OF HERE! LOL

    1. It’s the yarn crating that scares me!! If we build, that means storage! I may have to sneak my yarn to my sister’s house for temp storage. That’s where we will set up house until we find a home. Good luck with your move!

  3. well, some of those Cons can be turned into Pros: opportunities to make new knitting friends, new church friends, the excitement of finding new things and making them familiar 🙂 Good luck ! x

  4. Good luck on the new move. You’re outgoing enough to make friends wherever you go, so those cons won’t last long. Good to be closer to the other side of the family.

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