Can we please push pause!!!

Life here is getting real. In the last week I have had 2 Dr visits, 2 medical procedures, and have been trying to purchase and organize things for a freshman in her college dorm. Which also entails packing myself for a 14 hour drive to vacation so we are only 4.5 hours from taking said freshman to her new home, FGCU.

But first, the knitting, needless to say it has been SPARSE! But I did finish a hat and got a few more rows on my sweater vest.

image image

The hat uses up some Ella Rae Classic Superwash leftover from previous hats, can you spot the mistake? I just bought more in the red and brown, plus cream, to make this year’s Christmas hats for the great nephews. Love that yarn! The vest is using my treasured stash of Alpaca with a Twist, sob, so sad they are no longer in business, I love Highlander!

So now the dirty stuff. I have been struggling with a hip issue since my mid 20’s. It was never an ongoing acute issue, so I just dealt with it. Tried meds, therapy, and just ignoring it. That don’t work. In May I really injured myself tripping, and the flare up was excruciating. I finally went to an ortho, and they did an X-ray. I know now I should have asked what they were X-raying.  The PA decided I had a back issue, despite my complaining of my hip! Fast forward after 3 weeks of PT and no better, actually worse, an MRI I failed and an MRI I past, I finally saw a back Dr who told me, you have a hip issue. Well DUH! So, a cortisone injection yesterday, on top of a colonoscopy, and this girl is feeling NO pain!!! Well, with the help of a steroid and Tylenol 3. I no longer fear the 14 hour drive to Florida tomorrow. Except for the enforced sitting for 14 hours. Let’s just not discuss the other procedure, because they found 2 big polyps, so I am now on the 3 year cycle. UGH! But with a Mom who had colon cancer, it’s better to be safe. I am just hoping in 3 years they have an easier and less vomit inducing way to handle it.

And now the heart wrenching stuff, the last chick is flying the coup, well at least during the school year. But it is fraught with indecision and doubt. She is worried about the distance and leaving family and friends. She has already said when she is off school she is not coming home to our new location in Indy, she will come here. And she is thinking she will leave at Christmas and transfer somewhere closer to home, an Indiana school. While we are trying to convince her to give FGCU a full year’s audition, we want her to be happy and feel at home with her choice. She has to live it, so it must suit her. She loves FGCU, it’s just the doubt that weighs on her mind. Please say some prayers that she can make the right choice for her. On top of the heart is the financial reality of an out of state school. So she is facing big choices in the coming month. We would love if she transferred to UIndy, where our oldest is finishing her last year, but it isn’t in her heart, so we wait.

And now you have caught up with my wacky life, whether you wanted to or not! Thank you dear readers for always being such a bright spot in my life. I am so glad that no matter where I live, I can take you with me!!!


14 thoughts on “Can we please push pause!!!

  1. Glad they could make you pain-free for the long drive. Sorry about the colonoscopy though. Truly they ARE a pain in the rear.

    Good luck to your dear daughter. Maybe she will find that she LOVES it.

  2. Chris, sending prayers for you, your health, you daughter, your move…so much going on! I know you read my most recent post…oh, but life can get messy, can’t it?! I am so sorry for the difficulty you have been facing. I pray for peace and resolution! Please know that you are not alone! *hugs* 🙂

    1. Thank you. Life is for the living, and I’d much rather do it alive!!!! I’ll take the ups and downs, bumps and bruises, it’s all good in the end. Best to you too, love you recent “visitors”!

  3. Whoops! I’m sorry, Chris! I just realized that you commented on my Yarn Along post…not my recent one. Don’t worry if my comment didn’t make sense! 😉

  4. Feeling your pain! I’ve had foot pain my whole life but it took years to get to the bottom of it, so to speak! And I am also on the three-year plan. So bummed out about that! But at least your drive will be less painful, so that’s something.
    Ah, moving. Always hard. There are really nice knitters in Indy. I know because I met some at Knitting Camp. Good luck with all of this!

  5. I’m sending you my best Chris. I’m sorry it’s been such a trying time for you! I really hope you find some relief with your hip. I realize how hard it is. The other issue that shall not be named, well. yeah it’s not fun but I am so proud of you for taking care to keep on top of things.

    Your daughters position with school is a difficult one, but I know she will find her way. And she’s getting herself an education while she does. That in itself is a great thing. I know a lot of us in our youth thought we wouldn’t “waste money” going to school if we weren’t sure but it was much harder to get going once we “thought” we knew what to do.

    All the best to you and yours!

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