I’m still here, you’re not getting rid of me!

Unintended break from knitting and blogging. Seems I just can’t do life very well. Our trip to Florida turned sour Sunday night when I was hospitalized. Seems one of the polyps they removed during the scope last week was a bleeder. Which wasn’t helped by the nedication I was on for my hip. 5 procedures later they were able to find and stop the bleeder. 2 pints of blood had to be administered yesterday to bring my hemoglobin back. Thankfully God had tons of prayers winging their way to heaven on my behalf.

My one complaint, I didn’t grab my knitting on the way out the door Sunday night! But it really didn’t matter since I haven’t felt like knitting at all. Now I am just hoping they let me go on the trip to FGCU to take Diva Girl to her new school on Friday. I fear that will be a no no.

Advice learned a little too late? Don’t travel after a procedure, even one you think is common and fairly safe.


15 thoughts on “I’m still here, you’re not getting rid of me!

  1. Oh my gosh …..glad that you are doing better now, but I bet that was major-league SCARY! Take care of yourself and I’m sending healing vibes that you will be able to help your daughter move to FGCU.

    1. Me too, but I was just along for the ride, so really had no idea what was going on. Thankful for Hubster and Jeep Girl, he was the caring one, she was the explainer of all things medical. Plus my MIL, a nurse for 35 years, was with us, so she was a big help too. Thanks.

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