Lotsa knitting time when you are stuck in a car 14 hours!

During our drives down to Daytona I usually knit. Sometimes I knit often, sometimes I knit less. This trip it just seemed to come together to be an almost all knitting event. And it all started with a baby hat. Of course it did. So I cast on with some leftover Ella Rae and went to town. By Georgia I had a newborn sized hat.


I used a motif from the Laurelhurst hat, just not all of it. And of course the numbers are all different, but I got it to work. Ran out of red at the top, so the brown filled in nicely.

Then it was time for me to drive a bit, but soon I was back in the passenger seat and on to Berroco Vintage leftovers, this time in a preemie size.


I used the brown leftover from the red hat to stripe it up. But having less brown the teal, I used a 2 to 1 ratio on the stripes. It works. Again, ending with the brown for a top knot, cause, why not!

Continuing on through to Florida now, we find the rest of the Vintage leftovers in dark teal and green. So let’s add them in.


I like this one the best. a stripe of garter in green, a band of moss stitch in dark teal, and finish off with another stripe of green, leaving just enough to make a top knot, and cuteness abounds! This is also preemie sized.

So now we come to the end of our trip. Tomorrow is move in day for the girl at FGCU. So glad I am able to go along for the ride. Restricted from lifting by Hubster and Dr, I will try to be good. We spent the last day on the beach and it was a beautiful, but HOT day. Would have loved to spend more time on the beach but we leave for home on Saturday after our return from Ft Myers. We have much to do and need to get our next stage of life headed in the right direction. House hunting and house downsizing commences on August 15th! Good thing our neighborhood is having a yard sale Oct 1st, I think this will be our first time taking part.

In closing I wish you all health and happiness! Grab hold of it with both hands.


11 thoughts on “Lotsa knitting time when you are stuck in a car 14 hours!

  1. Been catching up on your previous posts. So glad that you were able to make the trip to see your girl settled in! Take it easy & listen to the dr’s orders. I’m sending your girl all the best wishes that she adjusts to college and makes lots of new friends. The first year is always the hardest.

    1. Please do keep her in mind. I fear she won’t participate in things because of her shyness, even though she really is an outgoing person. She just needs to know someone to be comfortable. Right now I think she is holed up in her dorm room! But that ends Wednesday when classes start.

  2. Do you have music on at the same time ? I love how you can say, oh this is the Georgia hat, this is the Florida hat – do you also say, this is the Meatloaf hat, this is the Celine Dion hat ? 🙂

    1. LOL, no, no music was playing as we drove. Hubster wiped off all my music from my iPhone, so I have not been able to get it all back on. I hate iMusic and refuse to switch over to it. But with 4 accounts and music loaded and bought on all 4, I can only access what’s on my account right now. Bah! All my old stuff is on the one my daughter now uses. Different account, different computer. Oh well, I have time now to reload it on my new computer.

  3. Glad you had a productive trip. I want to down size and move into the country side but I have to wait 4 more years. By then my house will be paid off and I’ll be able to do it though! I hope you find the perfect house for you!

    1. We don’t have the option of paying off the house first, the move is happening whether we want it or not. We want the promotion, but leaving the family and friends will be sooooo hard!

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