It’s done

She is left. I am swinging between fear for her safety, sadness at her absence, and joy at her growth. A mixed bag of feelings I only slightly suffered when the first left for college. I guess having the 2nd and last still at home gave me focus to keep from the obsessing. And also, the distance, 1001 miles evidently, makes it even more daunting. How can I get to my baby quickly if she needs me!!!

And I only got one photo of her room, the bed I made. She wasn’t going to let me do it, but she relented and allowed me to. I made her sister’s dorm bed when we took her. Of course the smart aleck Diva Girl wanted to know why I hadn’t offered to make it these last umpteen years when she was still at home. LOL.

After the week I had in Daytona and then taking her, when we got back to the condo Friday night it was a rush to get things cleaned and in order so we could leave the next morning. When I finally got in the shower, with the aid of a step stool due to my weakened condition, I sat and sobbed for a good bit. I think I could easily be convince to fly down there tomorrow to get her, but know I will not allow her to run away from growing up. She will do this, and be much better for it. Change is a good thing when it involves reaching a goal and working towards a future.

The best part was the 4 hour ride with her in her car. We talked about all kinds of things and had a lot of laughs. Now to cherish the texts and phone calls. Before we were even a few hours away from her she Face Timed us and showed us her room all organized and decorated. Now to see how long that lasts. LOL!

Health is still continuing to improve. Got on my exercise bike and was appalled I could only go for 6 minutes off and on. Weak as a kitten! I follow up with my Dr tomorrow to see how well the hemoglobin has rebounded. My last blood draw showed it was back up to 10, with the lowest having been 8. It should be between 12-15 for my age, so fingers crossed it’s back in that range.


8 thoughts on “It’s done

    1. Thank you. I do need some yarn therapy, it’s been over a week since I knit!!! Just trying to get my stamina back, it’s hard to knit laying flat on your back. And when I am upright I am tending to important things, like eating, cooking, cleaning! Wait, nothing is more important than knitting!!!

  1. It is hard letting them go isn’t it. My oldest is 8 hrs away and before long the youngest will be going too. It’s exciting and gut wrenching at the same time. Glad you had a good trip. Take your time and build up gradually; you don’t want to push your body too much right now. HUGS

    1. I know you have been through it, I remember those days. Prayers that the youngest finds the right fit for her future! And then it’s time for you to start living your future. Good luck sweet friend.

  2. Wow. That’s a lot to feel and process right now. I can only imagine! I’d tell you to hang in there, mama, but you sound like you are! You’re doing just great and so is your baby girl. You’re both focusing on the positive and moving towards the goal. I’m cheering for you all.

  3. It is harder when the second one lives. My son has done college and grad school here in Madison, so I still haven’t had to deal with both of them being far away. I’m sure it is really hard!

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