I don’t wanna do this!!!

I just realized I missed my mid month recap. And now I don’t want to fess up. Of course, if I had fessed up on the day I usually do, the 15th of the month, I wouldn’t have to fess up so badly! Cause I just fell off the wagon big time! Like, way overboard. In the deep, dark, pit of despair. Or something.

You see, one of my fav yarns is Ella Rae Superwash. It’s lovely yarn, great for easy care, and as far as I know, holds up well. Can’t say I have anything I have kept from using it, but I think it’s a good yarn. And my LYS had a closeout on it. Except I was in transit that day and couldn’t make it in the shop. Well those lovely ladies at Sheepskeins let me shop today. I think they felt sorry for my recent hospital episode. So I had to oblige and buy yarn. 12 skeins of it! Over 2600 yards of it!

Yarn in and out
Knit: 254 yards 1 skeins
Bought: 4139 yards 20 skeins

You read that right, since August 1st I have bought that much yarn! In one month I wiped out nearly all the progress I had made.

Knit: 9074 yards 47 skeins
Bought: 8801 yards 41 skeins

I have a lot of knitting to do!!!!! But I couldn’t pass up that deal, I am always using Ella Rae for baby stuff, so it was meant to be. And just look at the yumminess!!

image image image
49, 109, 125, 27, 122

As of now, no plans for them, but I am sure something will come up in the near future. The Denim color will likely be a sweater for me, over 1300 yards of it, so something simple or something stranded.

So far the wips are few, just 4 hats.

image       image
image       image

But for now, back to the August goals! I am running out of time.

  1. Knit through the tears of both girls being out of the nest for college. Sob
  2. Knit through the anxiety of a possible move 3 hours north. I have too much to do!!!
  3. Finish Vest that’s on the needles.
  4. Start that baby sweater for Owen!
  5. More baby hats for Deaconess since I may be moving 3 hours away. This is the only one I have accomplished, well besides 1 and 2!

12 thoughts on “I don’t wanna do this!!!

  1. Beautiful yarns and I know you will put them to good use! I need to be getting some baby yarn soon. A patient at my office is pg and she loves that I knit things so I’m going to knit and crochet some stuff for her baby, normally I wouldn’t for a patient but I’ve watched her grow up the last 4 years and she is special to me. Then my niece is pg as well so I’ll be making things for her baby too. Don’t know what she’s having yet. I went trolling through rav patterns to find things to knit.

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