What a great time to be alive!

OK, right now is no more special than any other. It’s just wonderful to be breathing and living whatever life is in front of me! Even with all the issues of hip replacement*, daughters off to other cities, and a big move coming, I would much rather be breathing through it all than not!

But the one thing putting a damper on it all is the lack of knitting mojo. It just has taken a dive this summer. And it’s not because of being super busy or on the go all the time. I have loads of down time now that the only people who need me are the Hubster and the dogs. Hubster is away from home all day long, so there is no excuse there. Now the dogs, they are demanding of my time, feeding, playing, and letting them in and out is a constant, but that doesn’t take up hours. And yes, I am away from home 2-3 days during from 9-1 with various activities, but that leaves way too much time I am wasting!

And you can’t tell by my purchasing that I am not knitting. I fell again. But the excuse this time is, it’s for a birthday present. I am knitting my way through the ladies in the knitting group for their birthdays. So today I bought these lovely skeins to make these mittens.

Cascade Heritage in Red and White

Mittens have been a popular item with the gals. This will be the 3rd pair. And then only 5 more gifts to go! That will take me to January, so I have time.

If you are keeping score, that is now 5013 yards and 22 skeins purchased in the month of August alone! That definitely breaks a record. I don’t think I have ever bought that much yarn in a month’s time. Not even with a trip to Stitches involved! But I must say, I have only spent $128 dollars on the lot, so a bunch of it was at a very good price.

And to prove it is not all buying and no knitting I have some progress on my vest to show. It’s hard when you are doing it bottom up in once piece.


Just love the lacey cable work it’s got going on. And the Alpaca With A Twist Highlander is soooo soft. I just adore it. The color is not so orange as the picture says, more brick red.

And just because I also adore them, the pups are always ready for photos, or not.

image image

The youngest had a scary situation at the pool the other day. We think it was a horse fly that buzzed him. He kept trying to hide, so I helped him.


 We don’t think he realized he really wasn’t all that well hidden. He’s kind of dim sometimes.

Now, may all your dreams come true, your wishes be granted, and your hopes take flight!

*I have bone on bone in the left socket, plus the socket is not curved as it should be, and a bone spur to boot. So we see the Dr on Sept 7th to see if he will do surgery. Fingers crossed yes and ASAP! We are already well past our deductible with insurance. So we are now in the “free” stage.


8 thoughts on “What a great time to be alive!

  1. Lovely yarn colours. Sorry to hear about your knee. Best of luck with that. The mojo will come back when its good and ready. I was struggling to get enthused with my knitting so I swapped projects and am loving my village green knitting.

  2. Don’t feel bad about your yarn purchases, I have purchased two sweaters worth for my soon to be husband and I bought a ton of baby yarn for a patient that is having a boy, she is so knit worthy! I also just found out that a good friend is having a baby and so she will be knit everything I can think of because she is knit worthy to the moon and back. I made her a hat several years ago and she cried when I gave it to her. She is a doll! She’s having a girl so it will be more yarn shopping for beautiful things for her little one. I hope your mojo returns soon. OUCH honey! Another friend of mine had to have her hip replaced. She’s doing great now. Hope they get it done very soon. HUGS

    1. I have heard nothing but good about the surgery, soooo ready to walk without pain! Thanks for relieving my guilt!! I know I am not slone, but was trying to be good this summer. But knitting in a yarn shop every week it is hard to resist temptation!!

  3. Ooo that cascade looks divine. That red… I might have to knit something in red soon here. I had to do a double take when I saw the amount of loot you got for that price, seriously, that’s amazing.. You’re doing just fine in my book. I’m really sorry about the hip. I hope the appointment goes well and you can find some kind of interim relief. Happiness and good health to you all.

    1. I was happy to get all this loot for that price. But then I look at the stash and the totals and I get anxious!! I just need to breathe, find my center, and ignore all that yarn, until I have need of it. LOL! And then I will be very happy it’s there!

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