I’m actually getting things done.

Who knew knitting progress happens when you actually take out your knitting and knit on it! OK, I knew that, but just haven’t put it in to practice lately. But the last few evenings I carved out some time to knit. And two sleeves appeared.

Well, so they are only baby sleeves up to the point of waiting for body to be knit.

Yup, 6.5″ doesn’t take long over 35-50 stitches. Designing this on the fly and not really happy with the non cabling on the underarm seam, where I didn’t have enough sts to cross a cable until I increased up the sleeve. Oh well, it’s a baby sweater and who really pays attention to the underarm of a sweater on an adorable baby? No one.

Happy National Dog Day to my pups. Weighing in at 60 lbs for iNDy and 48 for Mini Cooper, yeah, that’s not very mini.

MC on left, ND on right

They are sad that Mom can’t find the perfect house for the move to Indy. I have a issue to take up with all those home builders out there. Just who in the blazes uses a chair to sit at their vanity in their bathroom anymore!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! Stop putting in open spaces in the cabinetry in the bathrooms of homes. NO ONE uses a chair in their bathroom to sit at the mirror to do anything. Just give me a freaking cabinet to store more stuff! Can you tell this is a pet peeve? The only home where I didn’t have that empty space was the home we built in between our first and current home. Finding one already built without that USELESS empty space is near to impossible. Even the homes built within the last few years. Please, by all that is Holy, STOP! Just DON’T EVEN.

And the other peeve? Please, please, please, put the commode in a separate room all by itself. Do not put my commode next to a garden tub or my vanity. Just ick. If I could do that in all of the bathrooms I would. It’s own little space, with a door that closes and shuts it off from the rest of the bathroom. One of the house plans we are looking at does have the commode and shower/tub in a separate room, but I would much prefer the commode by itself. Getting germaphobic in my old age? Definitely!

Here are the two we are looking at: Amberwood and the Chesapeake. I think we could close off the commode in the Amberwood if we took out the linen closet outside the bathroom and moved the tub over. Put in a pocket door and wall off the commode? Works for me.

OK, back to knitting. I gotta get some of this yarn used up! The one saving grace for the month is I will be getting rid of 1800 yards of Lopi Lite that I have had for 15 years! I will never use it for the sweater I planned. Only got one sleeve done on it and gave up. So off to someone who will use it. That will help my totals for the month be not so horrible. But who’s keeping count? Oh, I am. LOL

Have a great weekend, I am heading to St Louis to see the Cards play on Saturday!!! Can’t wait. 1st time this summer.


8 thoughts on “I’m actually getting things done.

  1. The sleeves look great! Your dogs look so sweet and calm! Mine is crazed:)

    Both houses are fantastic! I have never seen a house with vanity space for a chair. It mustn’t be a thing in our area.

    1. Thanks, working on the body now, I am sure it’s not going to go as quickly! Dogs? Calm? Yeah, not usually! LOL. Weird, I guess different areas have different standards. Wish my area would ditch the vanity seating area!

  2. I can’t believe you are making up that complex pattern on the fly! And no one looks at the underside of sleeves.
    You do have to wonder about the design of houses. You are right that no one sits at a vanity any more — and every one loves more storage. Go figure.

  3. Beautiful cables! I agree with both bathroom peeves. Such a waste of storage space. Can’t believe how reasonably priced the houses there are. It would be double the price here.

  4. Yup, we are definitely in a lower cost of living area. And it’s even cheaper in the city we currently live in. It’s been a great place to raise my kids, can’t say I would ever want to live anywhere else but the Midwest. Well, Maine, I would live in Maine!!

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