What a weekend!

2.5 hour impromptu trip to Indy to pick up 3 knuckleheads, 4 hour drive to St Louis because we scored 4 free tickets to a Cardinals game, 5 hour game, 4 hour drive BACK to Indy to drop off 3 knuckleheads at UIndy, then a 30 minute drive north to my sister’s house, which I arrived at around 4:00 am. Who says I’m not crazy? ‘Cause I definitely am!!

But the trip ended up being two fold, I got to spend a day with 3 knuckleheads who I adore, and I got to see the home models that we are considering building. And I am so glad I did. We talked to a sales rep at one home and priced out a model, and it ended up a lot less than I was afraid of, considering how many options I added! But realistically, Hubster hasn’t added his yet, so it could go higher. And what a difference it makes to see things in person, because the home I thought I would die for, isn’t the one I am considering now.

Another one I was considering is still very high on the list. And all because of the bonus room!

 image image image image

Just absolutely adorable! Diva Girl has already claimed this room, even though she says she is never coming “home” to Indy since it’s not her “home”. LOL. My sister is saying it’s her room. I think we will have a fight on our hands. And it looks like it comes with a free dog! The only issue is the first floor is smaller than I would like. The great room won’t fit all of our stuff, so that’s an issue. And they won’t bump out the back wall to the porch line. Drats!

The other plan, that wasn’t even on my radar to be honest, is the one we priced out. Hatteras has more first floor, but not the same bonus room. Wah!!!!!!

Am I really going to base our house on the lone bonus room? Maybe? I am thinking that we go with those built ins, which I didn’t price out, and there’s my yarn and sewing storage right there! Sewing machine can go on the desk for when I am sewing, tuck it away in a cabinet when not.

OK, getting way ahead of myself. We are months out of even having to leave this home, maybe I need to focus on getting it ready to sell and then worry about the next phase of life?

Knitting is still happening, even though I didn’t grab my knitting when I left Saturday, because I had no idea I would end up staying in Indy until Monday morning. Not that I really had much down time, we were running all day Sunday looking at houses. But I still missed having it. Now to make up for all those hours spent driving between cities, all over one city, and then back to my city. I have clocked over 1000 miles in 2.5 days. I am ready to not be in a car for the rest of the week!

6 thoughts on “What a weekend!

    1. Believe me, the old tuckus was not happy, and then it started annoying the back, which lead to the shoulders getting involved! LOL. Yes, it is lovely, and likely nothing like what it would look like with my decorating! Does yarn count as a decor item?

  1. Busy indeed Chris, but I can hear the positive excitement in your “voice”. I can’t believe you drove all that way and spent all that time to take the knuckleheads to a baseball game. It’s inspiring. Reminds me to value the time together with people and to stop complaining about travel times! All the best Chris!

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