August Recap

Gah! I really don’t even want to document this month. It’s horrible! Well, good for the stash, but bad for the bottom line. But in reality, I got some awesome yarn at a great price, so in the end, it didn’t hurt the pocket too much, just means I have more to move in the coming months! I am thinking to stash my yarn in a cedar chest and demand it be moved to my sister’s while we have things in storage. Hey, it will keep me from buying more, right? Probably not.

OK, here’s the dirt:
Knit 583 yards and 3 skeins
Destashed 1853 yards and 17 skeins
Bought 5013 yards and 22 skeins

So the total added to stash this month was……2,577 yards and 2 skeins. Now that skeins thing looks wonky because I really didn’t get rid of 17 full skeins of Lopi, but that’s the number of skeins in the batch. I just wasn’t up to measuring each to determine the total skeins in full weight. So no, I didn’t buy two skeins that held 1200+ yards each.

YTD, can’t be much better.
Knit 9171 yards 48 skeins
Destashed 2085 yards and 18 skeins
Bought 9675 yards and 43 skeins

So I have used up 1581 yards and 23 skeins more than I have taken in, again that wonky skeins issue.

August $128.92
YTD $401.13

In 2015 I only spent 624.35, so I need to put the brakes on to keep from passing that total.

As to the finishing, yeah, not much got done beyond the 4 hats I had early on.

image       image
image      image

Now to review the goals, if I must.

August Goals:

  1. Knit through the tears of both girls being out of the nest for college. The tears have been few thankfully.
  2. Knit through the anxiety of a definite move 3 hours north.  House hunting phase 1 has commenced.
  3. Finish Vest that’s on the needles. Yeah, sure, that was gonna get done. NOT
  4. Start that baby sweater for Owen! Yes, finally I started the baby sweater, halfway through at this point.
  5. More baby hats for Deaconess since I may be moving 3 hours away. I did 4 early on so it’s not a total bust.

Now, what to work towards in September, can you believe I just typed that? September ALREADY!!!!? I am so not (al)ready.

  1. Work on Sweater Vest, not that it will be needed in our Southern Indiana Summer/Fall/Summer/Summer, you get the picture.
  2. Finish Baby Owen’s sweater and start the sister’s matching sweater.
  3. Start on another baby sweater, a repeat of the Robin Hood pattern I finished in July.

And that is it! Knowing that I have lots on my plate; a move, possible hip replacement, and lots of anxiety taking hold, I doubt my focus will be laser sharp. It might be best to not tax my brain with cabley goodness x3! But then, when has logic ever taken hold of me?


8 thoughts on “August Recap

    1. I know it was just February yesterday, right? Am I imaging it? Thanks, it’s just starting to really sink in, I guess cause I am doing all the cleaning, and packing of stuff that is not necessary! Except the yarn, I ain’t packing that until the last minute!

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