Saturday Stories

Just a ramble today.

My crazy girl, at school in Florida, on the gulf side.


She had purchased a plastic swimming pool and inflatable float that they keep in their dorm room, she rooms with 2 others and there is a common area outside their rooms. They have a swimming pool right outside their dorm, like not even a block away! But they need a baby pool inside? Crazy girls.


Current baby sweater I am designing on the fly. The first one was too small for the twin recipients, so I am starting over with numbers. Much better fit for a 6-12 month size this time around. But the first one did not go to waste.


I had this one in my knitting basket last week so I could compare it to the new project. Went to choir practice and one of the ladies was showing a photo on her phone of another member’s new baby, 6 weeks preemie. Bingo! I grabbed the sweater and handed it to Amy to deliver to the new babe. Now, I have not had that sweater on hand for months. It has been at home, waiting the moment when it needed to be handed off. Well, God knew it was time. So happy to see knit items find their home.

During the week we meet at my church to sew. Most of the time we are making drapes for local designers, and the commission then goes into an account for use by the church. We love to sew, we learn new techniques from our fearless leader, and we get to socialize with each other. It’s a win win. This week we were working on a commission from a pre-school owner. She needed seat sacks, chair caddies, whatever you want to call them, for the chairs in her school. These are adorable! And available if you need some yourself. $8.00 a piece.

 image image image

They are folded in 3rds which creates the pocket for the chair back, and then a pocket for their folders and stuff. Very simple and easy to make.

OK, I have rambled enough. Hope all is right in your world, it’s spectacular here!


7 thoughts on “Saturday Stories

  1. Crazy college kids! Oh to be that young again. I remember us sneaking in an illegal grill and having impromptu bbq parties in our rooms. Can’t believe we forgot the kiddie pool though!

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