Down the rabbit hole

It always happens when I read blogs. I see such lovely things that everyone is making, and I end up having to follow links to patterns and other websites, and before I know it, I am adding to my queue!!

It all started with a visit to one of my favs, Cloudberry, love her color work stuff!! She had a hat she recently finished in a lovely combo of gray with gold, white, and black. Such a simple combo, but so striking. The hat was a simple pattern, with the colors making it all pop. I was off to see what the pattern was. Ah, Drops, another fav of mine!!!

So, who’s made it, and how did they make it their’s? OMG!!! The colors of Poulim’s hat!!! Two of my “fav” colors, red and green!!! If I only had those colors on hand right now, it would be cast on!!!! Obviously she and others followed a great example. But I don’t have those colors of yarn in my stash, so back to looking. Benetton!! One of my fav stores in my 20’s. My best jeans were from there. And last, but not least, so dreamy creamy! Now I am getting way out there, I can only do so many things!

But then I was very intrigued thinking, just what do I have on hand that would work. And I remember, Whiskey by Reynolds left over from this fav knit. Gee, I am using that word a bunch! So, I determined I have enough of the 5 colors I have to maybe eke out a hat. So of course I had to audition the colors. And my go to for that is Numbers on my Mac.


I decided to just use 4 of the 5 colors. The brown is so close to the burgundy, I feared it would just get lost. Now to see if the 156 yards of teal I have will last. Most I have seen use that amount for the body. So, maybe I should redo that top line of blips to make them mirrored to the crosses below the gold design. And redo the gold tones to make sure I can cover it all.


I think I like it, it may be the final version. But I will probably still play with it, to make sure I am getting it right.

And that’s my rabbit hole for the day. The day has been full of cleaning, painting, arranging, staging the house, and rejuvenating the couch. Only, I took the steamer to the couch and now have stripes where the steam affected the nap. Wah!!! Oh well, it’s a 7 year old sectional, likely too big for the great room in the house we would like to build, so it may become the basement couch. If we put in a basement. Hubster hates slab construction, and that’s about all we can find in Indy. So looks like we might be getting an unfinished basement to finish one day. I can’t stand unfinished basements! But that’s a whole ‘nother rabbit hole. House plans and options. I have looked until I am just about done looking!


7 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole

    1. Unfortunately, I have a brain that does not shut off easily. Once an idea takes hold I must follow it through until it’s settled in my brain. I lose sleep often because of this brain! I need a button to turn it off!! LOL

  1. Love it! Especially the second chart. It’s going to look so great when you eventually get to knit on it.
    I used to love Benetton clothes, too. They were preppy but colorful and not boring.

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