All the Colors

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Hats, hats, hats, and more hats to come! Working through my Baby Ull yarns. Newborn hats work up quickly when the yarn is held double!! I have quite a bit more to use up, so expect it to be a hat explosion this month.

The blue hat in the middle did not turn into a purple one, bad lighting. Now to get the orange, bright blue, and mint green yarn knit up into baby hats, and then try to stripe a hat with the pink leftovers and the soft yellow. Not enough pink to make it’s own hat.

But before those, I really need to get the green baby sweater done. I am at the point of joining the sleeves to the body and knitting up to the neck. It should go quickly since I will be decreasing raglan and V-neck from here on out. I just need to get past the joining issue. Not my favorite thing to do on bottom up raglans.

Our weekend will be filled with house hunting, what’s on your list of things to do?


6 thoughts on “All the Colors

    1. Thanks, anything baby is cute!!! Inagine how aforable when baby heads are stuck in them!!! Car shows aren’t my thing, you think they would vome up with a better marketing ploy, matching yarns? Now that would sell me!

  1. Sweet hats! I hope that the house hunting is going well. I remember having to visit dozens of open houses before finally making a decision. Which happened to be the very first house that we visited , LOL. And is right next door to my brother. What a crazy process!

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