Mid September Recap

I am so glad I have something to show, even if it is just baby hats for donation, and 2 for gifts. Double baby yarn knits up the yards quickly! And gets it out of stash just as quickly!!

Knit 862 yards 5 skeins
Bought 0 yards 0 skeins!!!!!

Whew! Finally a month where I have no purchases so far. And not planning on any either! Now, will I be able to keep to that promise?

Knit 12118 yards 71 skeins
Bought 9675 yards and 43 skeins

Getting that total a little further apart this month. 2443 yards and 28 skeins less in stash so far. Hoping to finish the year strong!

And since I haven’t bought anything knitting related this month, I am still at: $401.13 for spending, still better than last year’s total, but I have 4 months to go!!! Will I hold strong on not buying any more? Fingers crossed!

So the mid month round up has a very definite theme, LOL! Hats, hats, and lots more hats!

image image image

image image image
Baby Ull Hats

Basically the hats are my own numbers, but the two stranded hats the charts where borrowed from Laurelhurst and Let It Snow. All solid color hats were handed off to charity today while at the hospital.* The other two were gifted to a baby bro and big sis who live in Indy. Big bro will be making his appearance this month, so I need to get ready on his sweater. Yup, making another Robin Hood, because I so enjoyed the 2nd one. The next one will be in red Hayfield Chunky. And the 2nd one I made is finally able to meet it’s owner. M Jo was born yesterday, I think they named her after me!! My middle name is also Jo.

Now, how about those September goals, am I keeping to them? Not!

  1. Work on Sweater Vest, not that it will be needed in our Southern Indiana Summer/Fall/Summer/Summer, you get the picture. Not even a stitch! 
  2. Finish Baby Owen’s sweater and start the sister’s matching sweater. Needing to join the sleeves to the body, but forgot a sleeve on my weekend trip to Indy.
  3. Start on another baby sweater, a repeat of the Robin Hood pattern I finished in July. Yarn in hand, so cast on in sight. First that baby sweater above, then this baby sweater. 

Here’s to a better end of month. I think I am finally on track, but then I keep seeing lovely hats I must knit, and I don’t even wear them! So maybe I will learn how to make them look good on me?

*In the continuing saga of the Hip that won’t Quit, I had a contrast dye MRI Tuesday. Hopefully that will show the hip Dr what is causing the pain and discomfort in my hip. One possible is a Labral Tear, much easier fix, the other will determine how long he suggests waiting out a hip replacement. If he goes that route, we go to another Dr who will be willing to do the surgery. With my age they are reluctant to do a hip replacement so early in the game. But I am not willing to limp along until it’s deemed I am “old” enough. The quality of life issue is fueling my eagerness. I want to walk without pain. I want to be able to sleep without pain. I want to be able to turn a cartwheel again! OK, so that last item might not happen, but I could at least try if my hip wasn’t a mess!

6 thoughts on “Mid September Recap

    1. Thanks, I think it should be determined by pain level, not age. But then I understand their reasoning. The baby hats are quick and easy, so it’s no trouble. Plus, I get to try out different hat patterns and have fun!!

  1. Lots of wonderful hats! Hang tough — you can do it with the yarn diet!

    Hope they find something that helps your hip. It’s no fun to not be able to do the things you want to do.

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