Harried Hats

Hubster and I were recently in Indy looking at model homes in anticipation of building. On the trip up I made a donation baby hat. Loosely based on the Slouchy Hat, just not slouchy.

image image image

Then while we were at my sister’s house I started a hat for her friend’s baby, due end of the month. I plan a sweater gift, but haven’t been able to get going on it. So a hat was in order.

image image image

Grabbed the Baby Ull stash and doubled the yarn and knit the ribbing on size 6US and then the hat on 8US. Stranded pattern is from the Laurelhurst hat. It matched the cast on numbers perfectly. Your eyes do not deceive you, I forgot to turn the hat around to avoid photographing the row start. So the motif doesn’t match up well there. I don’t sweat joins and jogging, it’s a baby hat, no one is really focusing on my knitting.

Then I decided that big sis needed a hat too, so I cast on with the orange and yellow. Wish I had my brighter yellow with me, but I am saving it to use with black and cream for a hat. Anyhoo, this is what happened with those colors.

image image image

It ends up looking like cream in photos, but you can tell it’s soft yellow in real life. I wish I had had my larger pom maker with me for the orange one. I used the same pom maker for both hats, but just adore oversized pom poms on little hats!

Hopefully they fit the intended victims and Mom likes them. I made big sis these hats when she was born.

  Fox Hat ELF   Elf Fox Hat   Elf green 2

  Elf green 1 Santa Elf Elf Santa

Baby hats are just the most fun thing to make!! You can go wacky crazy with colors, or styles, use up odds and ends, and then have a useful item for a special little one. That first hat reminds me, I need to make one of these!!! I have 4 skeins of orange yarn to use up, so now’s the time. Just need to check my gauge with double baby yarn so I can figure out the cast on numbers.

As always, no clue when this current hat frenzy will end. When I am out of Baby Ull? Well, with 20 skeins, full and partial, in the stash, not any time soon!


7 thoughts on “Harried Hats

    1. That year I ended up making a bazillion of those with the same colors. Once everyone saw them, they just had to have one for their little ones too! I was sick of that hat by Christmas!!!

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