My fractured brain!

Or is it fractal? Or fraction? Or what? I only know I am pulled in a thousand different directions and have no clue where to start!! Here is my ottoman at the moment.


From top left: Baby sweater, puzzle book, WEBS!!! catalog,
pattern drafting, tote bag finishing, newborn donation hat.

I finally joined the sleeves to the body on the baby sweater and then proceeded to mess up my cables!! So I had to fix 2 different cables over 6 rows, but I did it by just dropping down the places where the cables were, not by ripping out 6 rows.

The puzzle magazine and WEBS catalog are for when I have a few minutes to play a game or look at yarn. And patterns! And tools of the trade!! All of which I DO. NOT. NEED!

Pattern drafting? Trying to refine and finish the tutorial I have put together on how I make my tote bags. I am teaching the method at a local Sewing Guild meeting in a few weeks, actually, less than 10 days. ACK!! Unfortunately, I have to include tons of pictures to explain the process, so it’s been an ordeal getting the text and photos to balance, and boy does that bother me, Miss OCD Even Steven and lopsided picture fixer. But it is as good as I can get it. If you are interested in testing the tut follow the link. And the bag below the pattern still needs the opening slit closed, but the sewing machine is upstairs, and I am not.

Newborn hat, same old 56 st, garter ridges, St st hat with a pom. This time I am striping with pink and yellow since I didn’t have enough pink to make a full hat.

And then there are all the other knit and sewing projects I want to start. A peasant blouse with some soft flowery cotton, a nap, more tote bags, a box bag, a nap, more hats!, more baby sweaters, a nap, and getting back to my own sweater vest. My crafting mojo has returned with a vengeance!

So, what’s on your ottoman today? Hey, that 54″x54″ ottoman looks like the perfect place for a NAP! LOL


Convo with the Diva Girl after I sent her videos of the model home we are looking at.

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