This journey we call life…..

… trying to tell us something, but I can’t figure it out. Maybe you can help me.

Overnight Wednesday my husband was feeling some ab pain, but never mentioned it to me. Thursday as I was preparing for a tile/grout service to come estimate our floors he called to say he was on the way home and would be making a Dr appt. Less than 36 hours later, 2 ER visits and a hospital admission, his DEAD appendix was removed. We had 3, count them, “3”!!!!! diagnoses. The 1st ER Dr said not appendix or kidney stones, it was diverticulitis, which he suffers from. Pain did not subside, it got worse. 2nd ER Dr said, why look at that CT scan, there’s two kidney stones. But no reason for escalating pain so could be diverticulitis. 18 hours later, after not managing the pain he was admitted for, they looked at the scan again, and the 2nd radiologist said, Appendix. The surgeon said it was completely dead, he had not seen one quite like it. Thankfully it had not yet burst. Then Saturday the Dr had one that beat Hubster’s in deadness. Must have been the weekend for appendix ops.

So my week and weekend have definitely not gone as written in my head. But that’s OK, he is doing well and coming home today! And maybe some day we will understand why we have been hit this year with such big emergencies where our health is concerned. And a hip replacement still to come for me in Dec. And a move starting in Oct with a house build to follow at some point after. Ack!

But all that ER/hospital time resulted in another hat getting done. And this one is adorable!

img_2537 img_2540 img_2539

The first picture is too bright, the last is too dull, the middle is just about right.

The pattern is the same Dale as the last one. And I just might be knitting a third…or not. Haven’t decided, but fairly likely I will be. These are the colors I am dabbling with for the next few hats.

 img_2529 img_2529

Black, Cream, Gold, Seafoam in real color and Mono

I wanted to see the contrast between the two mediums. So I know whether or not I can pair them up when laying out the color chart. I think I can, but then, I may not follow the same chart. I might just branch out to this one, Winter’s Fern. Good thing I have another skein of the black and two more of the seafoam. I can see a lot of experimentation with these colors.

So now, I plan a meal chart for the next few weeks. I need to get in a pattern so I am set when we move to Indy. I will be the chief bottle washer and cook for the 3 of us, me, Hubster and my sister, whose house we will be living in. My job is to keep us fed. I am marking things on FB and will start there. But this week it’s soft, easy foods for the patient. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to get him back to normal!!


12 thoughts on “This journey we call life…..

    1. Thanks, we are so glad he is home and recovering. As to the hat making, I think I like the color matching stage more than the knitting stage!! Just like pulling together fabrics for quilting, it’s the thrill of the match!

    1. Building because A) I want a master bedroom on the ground floo. B) I want my bathroom commode in a room all by itself. Ergo C) Finding an existing home in the area we want with A and B has been impossible! If they have B, they don’t have A. If they have A, they don’t have B. I am not settling on these issues. So build, and we get what we want.

  1. Boy, what a year it has been for you and your family health wise! Thank goodness the proper diagnosis was eventually made and he’s healing well. The hat is adorable. Such great colors with the orange & blue.

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