September Recap

Can it really be the end of September? No way! It was just August the other day. I am so not ready for these days to fly. And yet, life is going to be great going forward, so maybe I should embrace the pace?

Knitting down the stash: 1497 yards 8 skeins
Bringing in the stash: 0 yards 0 skeins!!!!!

Whew, finally keeping new stash out of the house!

Knitting down the stash: 10740 yards 57 skeins
Destashing down the stash: 2085 yards 18 skeins
Bringing in the stash: 9675 yards 43 skeins

Which means I have knit/destashed 3150 more yards and 32 more skeins than I have bought. Finally getting that total back up there, more due to destash than knitting though.

Personal Cost:
$410.26 spent in 2016
$624.35 spent in 2015
So far I have spent $76.03 less this year than last. I was hoping to keep that total much larger, but it is what it is.

FOs for the month:
11 hats, all baby or toddler size. I suck at getting large things done!

image image image

image image image

img_2512 img_2480 img_2537

img_2564 img_2574

3 of the hats, the blue/green, the orange/yellow, and the orange with the color work, were made for babies/toddlers I knew. The others were all taken to the local hospitals for the baby units. I so enjoy making these little hats. Quick knits, use up yarn I have, and give me the chance to try new patterns, or try multiple color ways for the same design.

September Goals:

  1. Work on Sweater Vest, not that it will be needed in our Southern Indiana Summer/Fall/Summer/Summer, you get the picture. Still not even a stitch!
  2. Finish Baby Owen’s sweater and start the sister’s matching sweater. Sleeves joined to body, knit quite a bit before I realized I made a mistake and out it came almost to the joining. Argh!
  3. Start on another baby sweater, a repeat of the Robin Hood pattern I finished in July. Yarn in hand, so cast on in sight. Yeah, right. Not even!

Now, goals going forward for October:


Think I can do it? Who the heck knows. We are just trying to revoker


12 thoughts on “September Recap

  1. Wow, you had a productive month! I love those little colorwork hats 🙂
    Well, about yarn shopping – it is so hard to resist, I usually order online I receive so great offers in these days (e.g. Drops Merino Mania), but I have decided no matter how fantastic an offer is, I won’t buy yarn unless I used up my stash…

  2. I’m always impressed with your desire to be self aware with your knitting / crafting habit, even when you are creating such lovely generous items for others. But I get it. I think you’ve done great. Don’t worry about your September goals, I haven’t even finished my summer socks yet! Happy Knitting, Chris!

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