More in depth and a call for prayer

First the prayer to get it out of the way. My parents “decondoed” in Daytona to a friend’s house in Central GA to last out the storm. Diva Girl is fine, they are just getting rain at FGCU, classes were cancelled Thursday and Friday. But I know we have many bloggers that are in the path. PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! Seek shelter away from the storm ye bloggers! We want you safe. Oh, and take your yarn with you.

More in depth? The hats.

img_2529 img_2529

You may have seen the above pictures before. I used the mono photo filter on my phone to see what the value of these yarns would be. I knew the black and cream would be high value difference, but the gold and teal were likely going to be the same in value. And they are very close. So I needed to make sure that I did not use them next to each other in a chart pattern. If they were used in the same band of design they might negate each other in perception, so the band would end up lacking in detail. Sure the colors are different, but that doesn’t mean anything to the human eye when viewed at a distance with a small pattern repeat. This issue can make or break your knit. Always look for the contrast in value along with the blend of colors. Of course, just getting a value difference isn’t the goal, because the colors do have to work together.

So get your pattern ready and choose some colors. And then place those colors in your chart. I like to use Excel/Numbers to make a mock up of my chart with my color choices. The nice thing is I can change the colors to try out different color placement. And, as the photo below shows, adapt the design to fit my hat. The pattern is Winter’s Fern on the outside, the middle section is how I changed it to fit the baby sized hat I was doing.


And then the finished hats. One using 3 colors, the other using all 4.

img_2574 img_2564

The first design used the 3 colors to make a high contrast design. The 3 colors have a medium to high contrast with each other, so there is no muted or muddy area. Each band of design is distinct. The second hat uses the 4 colors to create a design that is also distinct, with each color standing against their neighbor. The only area where the colors are struggling is the center of the gold band where the design is a checkerboard. I should have changed the color dominance on that section to make the cream come forward against the gold. You can see what it’s supposed to look like in the hat below.


Whoa, I sure didn’t mean to write a book! Sorry if I have bored you. This was just something I wanted to wrap up with the recent hat making. It comes so easy to me, but I realize that some knitters/quilters/artists don’t grasp the use of color and it’s values. I hope you have found this short tut enlightening or interesting. It always helps me to solidify my thoughts when I put them to “paper”.


4 thoughts on “More in depth and a call for prayer

    1. I know, there’s only things like hue, value, tone, color, etc, etc…. Usually it’s just our eyes that need to decide what works, but sometimes we need to use our minds.

    1. Thanks, I could have bored everyone a lot more, at least I kept it short and sweet. Our Diva called and said all her friends went home, and for some home is IN THE PATH OF THE STORM! I would have told my kid, sit your butt at school where you are safer! She was a little home sick, but non the less is being grown up about staying put.

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