Life is about to get real

Cause it sure hasn’t been real up to now?

Hip pain has escalated and I am getting worn down by it. Something happened over the weekend, not sure what, because one moment I was walking fine with a slight hesitation, the next time I stood up to walk my hip gave out. Now I cannot walk more than 3-5 steps without severe pain or the hip giving way. Very discouraging as I have a trip to visit Diva Girl in 1 week. I have asked the Dr for a handicap sticker to use in the car and while flying. I now have a cane to use just in case I can’t support myself. I feel like a fraud because I look healthy and should not be such an invalid. And I have too much to do between now and the surgery to replace the hip on Dec 13th. I cannot sit on my butt for 2 months doing nothing, because….

Our house is now on the market and we move to temp housing in 5 days! So how am I supposed to get my stuff moved when I can barely walk? And in 5 days I will be responsible for the care of 3 dogs while Hubster and my Sister are at work during the week. Just the thought of corralling 3 dogs is daunting when mobility is an issue. I hate complaining, because I am so blessed with health otherwise. But after many nights of lack of sleep due to pain and discomfort, I guess your ability to cope takes a hit.

The saving grace in all this, I still have the ability to use my hands to create. In packing up my sewing room I found some projects to do. They had lingered because I don’t care for machine quilting the layers. I prefer hand work. But obviously, since learning to knit 16 years ago, I wasn’t getting anywhere with my hand quilting projects. So I let go and let sew and was able to finish 3 small items.


This table runner is for my Mom for Christmas decorating. I also finished a sampler I made for my mom ages ago. It is of our family, parents to grandkids, that I made when they had 2 married kids and 3 grandkids. Then my brother got married, gained 3 kids, I had Diva Girl and then he had a daughter. So I took it apart to add his marriage and 4 kids. And forgot Diva Girl! So for umpteen years it has sat undone. I found the chart while packing up, see what happens when you pick up! I ripped off the backing and redid the order of the grandkids, adding Diva. Now she is finally part of the family! Let me tell you, she has resented that sampler for years! Due to names and date of births, I will not be showing that here.

img_2620The other items I uncovered were matching pieces I was making to use on night stands. Just love the colors, navy, red, green and gold. When I got them done and laid them on the night stand, they were a little too much. So I tried one on my end table and there it will live for now. The other is covering a wash stand, but too big for the depth, so I folded back the top edge to fit it to the surface. Maybe in the new house I will buy new end tables and have the perfect place for them both.

And the quilting isn’t stopping there, but the next two items I unearthed are larger, wall hangings. One is for certain to be hand quilted, the other is undecided at this point. But they both have to be layered, so that’s a job for another day. Hopefully that day will come before surgery so I can have a project to work on while recovering. Because, you know I have no knitting projects lined up to the end of the year!!


16 thoughts on “Life is about to get real

  1. I am so sorry you are in pain dear! Life can be so overwhelming at times and you feel like you are being swallowed whole. During the most stressful times in my life, when I couldn’t pray, every day my prayer was “Thank You, Lord”. I will be praying for you, be blessed my friend.

  2. I hear you on the pain issue. I’m sure that the two months until surgery feel like forever! I am glad that my pain issues don’t involve my hands. I look at creating as one of the best ways to push the pain out of my conscious mind.

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