Yarn Along

There’s been little knitting here lately, more machine quilting and finishing some long overdue projects. But the needles have been clicking enough to make progress on a baby sweater and start a new hat.

The baby sweater is the bane of my existence right now. And I have to make a duplicate when it’s done!! I should have just found a pattern to use instead of making my own. Or maybe just not designed one so heavily cabled!!!


I am slowly working the neckline, the V-neck has already begun. And slowly running out of yarn! Good thing my supplier has half a skein left from her stash. I had misjudged on the size when I started this endeavor, so now paying the price.

The small ring of stitches will be a newborn hat for the hospital. I want to finish it before tomorrow since I drive right by there on my way to knitting, and tomorrow will be my last time to knit with my buds until sometime in November!! I have the two hats I wrote about last week to deliver also. Somehow I feel like only having 2 is chintzy. And what’s up with that word? Because it can mean “decorated with chintz” or “cheap or of poor quality”. Since when is chintz considered cheap? LOL

The pattern I am using for the hat is my own numbers with a chart I can’t remember from whence it came. Numbers/Excel give me a chance to see the colors in play before I cast on. I must revisit that blue combo, because I evidently never made it from looking at my Rav account.


I also added some stripes to round out the look. Close off the motif.

May sunshine fill your day and peace fill your nights. And somewhere along the way, knitting fill you lap!


14 thoughts on “Yarn Along

    1. I will push forward because it’s for an adorable baby. But then I promise to never go for heavy cables again. At least until I forget and realize I am in the middle of another heavily cabled sweater. LOL!

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