I could cry

Today I am flying to Florida to be with my parents, and then my Diva Girl. Can. Not. Wait. I just want to hug her and see her smiling face. It’s been over 2 months since I saw her last. And being in the bright sunshine of FL won’t hurt at all. Hoping the warmth might make the arthritis in the hip a lot better.

As to the hip, the pain is still at a high level. Hubster won’t even sleep with me anymore due to the moaning and groaning, and, tossing and turning. Poor guy. He just needs silence and peace to sleep. I am trying to go forth with a positive attitude and would appreciate prayers for strength!

The knitting has been sparse due to the upheaval in our lives. On Sunday I drove north to set up temp housing at my sister’s. Next week we will hopefully finalize plans to build our home. And then it’s 5-6 months before we will move in. The only thing altering that plan would be if the realtor finds the perfect house at the price we want. Since I have been searching for 3 months now and have not found it, I doubt it’s out there for us. I have found wonderful homes, but not the one I want. And the only issue with the house we want to build is, they won’t change the location of the sink/dishwasher and the cook top. I want my cook top on the island, not my sink. Oh well, it’s a small sacrifice to get everything else we have asked for.

The baby sweater is slogging along. I think I don’t want to knit on it because my calculations were off and I don’t like how the cables are meeting at the raglan. I should have just stopped and made it a set in sleeve instead. But I am trying to do as much as possible on the needles and don’t have the confidence to do a mock set in sleeve. But I now have Ann Budd’s book and plan to do one of the sweaters from it to gain that confidence.

img_2664So this hat is all I have to show. It’s Snow Bunnies and is the first of four I will be doing this Winter. Just too cute! I did Reindeer hats 2 yeas ago, so needed another animal motif this year. I am pondering though, do I make tiny pom-poms or bobbles for the bunny tails? I don’t think my smallest pom-pom maker is tiny enough, need to see if I can find a wee sized on. Bobbles? How I HATE bobbles!!! But they would be stronger and not lose their shape as easily. What say you? I can’t have naked butts!!

And one more thing to cry about, today is the first of many where I will not be able to knit with my friends!! I can’t justify driving 3 hours south every Wednesday to knit. 2 hours, maybe, 3, no. But I will be back in town twice in November, so def knitting then.

So, what’s on your needles? Today I am in a plane, likely knitting on these mittens.


22 thoughts on “I could cry

  1. I’m praying for you! Chronic pain is nothing to sneeze at – after a while it starts to cast shadows over just about every part of your life. I know this because I’ve lived with it. I’m also praying that you all will find a house that is perfect in every way for you.🙏🙏🙏 Enjoy your time with your family. Oh – pompoms definitely. 😀

  2. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and parents. I bet they can’t wait to hug you. My prayers for pain relief are with you
    I love the hat! Absolutely delightful! Definitely need tails. A bobble as you knit would be good because it wouldn’t run the risk of falling off!

  3. That hat is so cute. You do need tails, and there are some great suggestions in the comments so far. I do hope your pain eases soon. Sending prayers. Enjoy your time with your parents and daughter.

  4. Glad you are going down and get to see your parents and your dear girl. It is supposed to be slightly cooler, talked to my parents last night and they are down there, but still warm, in the 80’s. The hat is super cute. I learned to make bobbles this summer using a crochet hook and then putting them on my knitting needle, worked slick if a little slower but still better than my knitted ones. Have a lovely time and get some rest while you are there!

  5. Wishing you relief from your pain. Maybe your visit will ease your mind at least. Enjoy your knitting. I actually think the bunnies look fine without bushy tails.

  6. I’m realizing how many women I know in person, and virtually among the knitting community, who are dealing with chronic health issues and chronic pain. I am with you. My prayers are with you, and I hope you get a chance to knit more.

    1. Thank you. I too think there are a lot of us suffering. Maybe it’s because us crafters use our crafts for comfort and tend to share our woes. I am just thankful for the lovely community we have. All the best in your designing endeavors!

    1. Thanks Candy. They are a spec home builder and it’s fairly cookie cutter stuff. The cabinet configuration would make it a nightmare evidently. But we are trying one more time to get allowance.

  7. Sorry for your hip pain, I hope it will ease soon. I am wishing you all the bests with the moving, we’ve moved twice last year because after selling our previous home, we just couldn’t find the perfect home in our price for ourselves and had to stay with my parents for a couple month…
    The Bunny Hat is adorable 🙂

    1. Thank you. We have done the two moves in a year thing, didn’t want to do ir again, but looks like that will happen. Thankfully after my surgery, so life will be easier then.

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