I am here.

In talking to Hubster after he picked me up from the airport, we discussed that our current living arrangements in Indy aren’t really home. So we decided to say “We’re here”. We’re not home, we’re here. So, I’m here. Back from my trip to visit Diva Girl. And it was a great visit.

As I waited for her to get to the condo, I was talking to Hubster. He had talked to her earlier and said she was crying, so excited to see her family. It was a great feeling, to know she had missed her momma. She drove me to the airport today for my return flight, so hard to get out of the car and leave her. But we both have our places in life and this is a stage where our places are far apart. We will survive.

Except for the moments when she has an asthma attack, while not having her inhaler on hand, which then causes you to tell her to get in the shower to get the steam going, and then she passes out in the shower. And then 2 days later finds out she sprained her neck when falling in the tub. Poor thing! But at least nothing was broken or a concussion resulted from her fall. Those moments make it hard for Momma to send her off by herself.

And now I am off to bed. This momma has been on the road between getting to and from an airport, then paying a visit to our build site to pick out a lot, and then trying to get home around collisions on the interstate. But finally I got “here” to see my pups and get settled in. And then on Thursday I head back to “home” for a camping weekend. I can’t wait to see my house!! But all too soon it will no longer be my house. Changes are a’happening. It’s getting ready to be exciting! If only my knitting was a’happening right now. It’ll come back, when things settle down.


10 thoughts on “I am here.

  1. I’m glad all went well with your trip and you are back safe and sound.
    Has Diva Girl tried coffee when she has asthma issues and no inhaler? I don’t know what about it helps but it does.
    Good luck with all the craziness. Things will settle down eventually.

  2. I know how you feel Chris. My oldest is 9 hours away in Mississippi. She is struggling and there isn’t much I can do to help her. I am glad she wasn’t hurt! Get some rest and stay upbeat. I am excited that you are getting a new house! HUGS Sweetie!

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