Finished, almost

One baby sweater off the needles! I wish I could say I am finished, but there is still the twin sister’s sweater to make. And I am likely going to abandon the design I used for brother’s and make sister’s a little more girlish. Lace instead of cables. Arches is just adorable. Now to find the motivation to start it!

The month has been a whirlwind. It is almost over, just hours to go. And I am glad to see it pass. Well, maybe just this last week. I was in panic mode last week due to the meds I am on. The attack left me a crying mess. I headed home Thursday morning, crying the entire way. Once home I got new meds that are not a narcotic and an anxiety med. I was afraid I would not be able to go camping with family and friends over the weekend. We skipped our Thursday reservation while I decompressed and by Friday morning I was ready to go.

It seems lack of sleep due to pain, and being hopped up on narcotics, is not a good state for me. LOL Who knew? Well, I did, but had forgotten. I was just happy they were causing minimal nausea which is my normal reaction to drugs. I could never make it as a junkie.

img_2693So, while the mind and body are back, the knitting took a nose dive with my recent trip to Florida and my more recent trip to Crazy land! I much preferred the Florida trip to be honest. I am blocking the baby sweater, need to sew on buttons, and then it will be ready to view. Then it’s off to work on the 2nd baby sweater and mittens for a knit friend. I need to get her gift done so I can start on the next knit bud’s request and then 2 more birthdays this month to get requests for. And Dec holds 2 more giftee’s birthdays. I will likely be gift knitting for the next 4 months! But that’s OK, I only have 4 more hats for the great-nieces/nephews, 2 hats to make for a cousin and his son, a red blanket to make for the great nephew in PA, and a sweater vest on the needles for myself. I know I will have lots of time to knit while recuperating from the hip surgery, but I doubt I could get through that list!

And each year I swear I am only going to knit for myself!!! You should see how long my queue is! Oh well, it will be my turn eventually.


7 thoughts on “Finished, almost

  1. Side effects from meds that are supposed to make you feel better can be so frustrating! Happy to hear that you had a good visit with your daughter though. Wow, I don’t envy the gift knitting list but it shows that you have a lot of loved ones in your life which is a good thing 🙂

  2. HUGS Sweetie! You need to slow down and take time for yourself sister. Trying to do and be too much right now isn’t good for you especially with the pain you are in. I know how you feel about the gift knitting, I have baby gifts and a hubby sweater to make and now a beloved friend that needs cancer caps. I hope the anxiety meds work for you. I couldn’t live without mine. I’d be off my nut, not to say that I’m not off my nut sometimes anyway. LOL

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