October Recap

So this has been a dismal month for the knitting. Hopefully November will bring more time and commitment. So the deets:

Knit Out:
453 yards 2 skeins
Bought In:
130 yards 1 skein

So I was ahead 323 yards and 1 skein. While not great, at least it wasn’t to the negative.

YTD Numbers….
Knit Out: 11,193 yards 59 skeins
Destashed: 2085 yards 18 skeins
Bought In: 9805 yards 44 skeins

So that puts me ahead 3,473 yards and 33 skeins.

In the FO category it’s pretty slim. 2 hats and 1 baby sweater.

img_2664   img_2641


Bunny Butts and Diamonds will warm some heads this winter. And Owen’s Cables will warm a little baby boy I know.

Now, to revisit the goals I set for October. How well did I fail? Big time!


OK, so 1 item out of 3, the baby sweater is done. But not one stitch on the vest, and no start on Robin Hood. Gah! I suck so good, or bad, or whatever.

Now, November Goals, do I dare?

  1. Start on Vivien’s sweater using this pattern.
  2. Work on that vest!
  3. More bunny butt hats, deadline is Christmas!
  4. Maybe look at Robin Hood?

That’s enough. November should be better since I will be more stationary than I have been in October. Florida trip and Camping wth friends but into my time at home. Yes, I could have been knitting at either of those events, but the desire just wasn’t there. Today is knitting with buds, back in town for a few days so you bet I am joining the gang! I will be working on the mittens for one of the gals. It’s her birthday gift, so must get them done.  And I need her to try them on to make sure the thumb is deep enough so I can go on to the hand. And measure her thumb depth so I can work on that while away. I will be back in 2 weeks, so by then I might be ready to finish off the thumbs.

Now off you go to see what other’s have been Yarning Along this week.

14 thoughts on “October Recap

  1. I’m going to be a first time Grammie to a little boy in May.I really like the cabled sweater you knit. Could you give info on the pattern? And the bunny hairs aforable. You are one fine knitter!

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