Bunny Butts!


They finally have butts. On a recent trip home I took the yarn with me and got them made. I used knitted bobbles to cover their bums. So cute!!! Now to get going on the other ones I need to make.

We had a lovely camping trip with our friends, 10 year anniversary of our camping event. The weather was nice, not too hot, not too cold. The double air mattress saved my butt! Easier to get on and off than a single mattress. My hip appreciated it.

Then on Sunday we drove back to Indy so we could meet with our builder on Monday and sign the document to start the building process!!! I am so excited. But it seems there are some things we are not able to get, so we have some decisions to make. I hate when they are such a cookie cutter neighborhood that they won’t allow certain things. But, we are not going to be there forever, so we can make do. And it will be a beautiful home, so it’s all good.

Then it was back home on Monday night to have some more fun! Got to knit with my buds and sew with my friend. I was a happy girl. It filled my heart and thrilled my soul. So I am recharged. And in a few weeks I get to go back and do it again!!!

But the best news of all is that my surgery date is moved forward a week!! So I am that much closer to the hip replacement. Scared, but glad.

9 thoughts on “Bunny Butts!

  1. Awwwww… The little bunny hat is adorable!

    Best wishes with the hip surgery. My brother in law had it not long ago. He says he feels 20 years younger.

  2. Yay for the change in surgery date! Best to get it done and then you’ll have extra time to recover. The bunny hat is adorable with the bobble tails. Will have to try to resist this one since my knitting time is pretty limited right now. Maybe for Easter!

  3. Good news on the surgery front. My DH always says “This too shall pass,” whenever I was in the middle of something I’d dreaded.

    On the knitting front, are you going to release or publish the cabled baby sweater patterns? What size are they? I could use a sweater for Miss Evelyn….


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