Life is trying to wreck me, or something! LOL

OK, so you know the saga of trying to have my hip replaced? The surgery scheduled and then canceled, and then a new Dr, but no 2016 date, but then miraculously, they got me on the 14th of Dec. So, all is running smoothly. I left Indy last week to come home to attend a joint camp and get all my pre-testing done last Thursday. And then Saturday morning I started feeling sick. Thought it might be my ear causing imbalance. Ate crackers, felt better. Then 5:00 that evening it was clear this was no ear issue. Stomach bug. 4 DAYS BEFORE MY SURGERY!!! 36 hours later, relief. Bug seems to be gone.

So here we are, 2 days before surgery. Dr’s office calls. Seems my blood work shows I have a bladder infection. Well you could have fooled me because I do not feel like I have a UTI! You would think I would know. Right? Evidently not. Now I am thinking, they are going to cancel my surgery!!!! But no, she just prescribed a med and I will start taking that tonight.

So now, is there anything else which is going to try and throw a wrench in the works? Please reveal yourself now, don’t wait until the last minute!!! LOL. It’s a good thing I can laugh at all this, otherwise I would be crying all day long.

I guess I don’t have to tell you knitting is a thing of the past right now? And I have 1 sweater still to finish and 4 hats I wanted to get done by Christmas. Oh well, there’s more important things going on right now.

Wish me luck, I won’t be back here until after surgery and recovery. Unless I just get so bored I hop on the phone and update. But with all the PT they have warned me about, it doesn’t look like I will have much free time on my hands. If it gets me back on my feet quickly I will do it! The last 40 hours of inactivity has been boring!!! I couldn’t even read online because tracking with my eyes made me sick. I couldn’t watch TV, do puzzles, knit, or even open my eyes. All I could do was sleep or lay so still as to not unsettle my stomach. But man, the dreams I had were vivid and hilarious! Wish I could have narrated them as they happened and sold the stories as a movie script. One had a very Transformer vibe. HAHAHA!!! It was ridiculous!

OK, signing off. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! The year’s tally is all screwed up, so who even knows if I will have a year end update. I kind of really don’t care at this point.


14 thoughts on “Life is trying to wreck me, or something! LOL

  1. My DH always reminds me that “this too shall pass” whenever I’m in the middle of some unpleasant event. Prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery for you. Merry Christmas, too!

  2. Best wishes on successful surgery and an easy rehab. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. I think you’ll have plenty of time to knit and do rehab over the holidays.

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