I am here

Hip surgery went text book perfect. A little nausea upon waking up, but soon the meds equalized and kept me pain and nausea free. I am 8 days past surgery, have had 1 out patient PT session, another today, and trying to back off of pain meds. Appetite is still low. Things just do not taste good, or if I like it I still cannot eat much of anything.

I received an early, heavily requested, Christmas present. The day after my PT appt we went to a local discount establishment to look at recliners. Finally, 2 days later, Hubster relented and picked up my huge, non-rocking, recliner. Of the ones they had, the non-rocker was a deep brown color Hubster didn’t care for. I didn’t care what color it was, I just needed a better sleeping option. Plus, just a better resting option. The recliner has been perfect! I am able to easily get in and out of it, and then can arrange things to get comfortable. In bed or the couch I just can’t get the right angle? It’s very hard to explain, but when your hip is screaming from a 13″ incision, your socket is recovering from the stress of surgery, and your muscles and nerves are waking back up, getting a proper resting position is hard. But this chair has fixed those issues. I would never had EVER willingly owned a recliner! But now this baby is following me to my new house and beyond. It’s going in my computer/craft/office. It will be the perfect knitting chair. Yes, I will miss a rocking action, but right now stability was needed and trying to get out of a moving chair is verboten.

In Christmas news, we are almost done, still need to get gifts for our parents, but there are plans for them. We opened gifts with Jeep Girl and her Beau last night since they are celebrating with his family over the holidays. They will be back with us New Years Eve/Day for more Christmas festivities. That means 1 of 7 Holiday events are done, and the 2nd is tonight. Hoping the 4 events over the next 3 days does not wipe me out too much. I will only have access to my chair for 1 of the events!

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas! Take time to remember the thrill you felt as a child, and still recognize the true meaning of the season. Either option is nothing but magical!


12 thoughts on “I am here

  1. I’m happy to hear that things went well for your surgery. Here’s to rapid improvement! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. So glad to hear you are doing well. I was glad to see a post from you when I logged on today. I know what you feel. PT sucks but it will help to get you back on your feet. HUGS

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