Bunnies are still a’hopping here

You would think all those bunny butts would seek a nice warm place and stay put. But no, they are hopping around and shaking their white tails.


Excuse the unblocked state. I just finished it and have yet to get my butt out of the biggest, best, recliner know to man, where my recovery is still moving forward. If I am not careful, I will become stuck to this chair!

This hat is a pared down version of Snow Bunnies. It’s for the littlest member of our family, Eli. He was just 2 this past October so I thought it needed to be smaller for him. I made an older cousin one based on the pattern and Mom said it’s a little roomy, so paring it down was necessary. Hopefully I got it right.

And that is the last item planned for the year 2016. I have a baby sweater I can possibly finish if I get a push, it just needs a peplum and button bands. It’s kind of short as is, so I am hoping a lacy peplum will help the length. I am thinking to use the lace pattern to tie it into the body. Instead of increase/decrease YO’s I will just use YO’s to make the increases to ruffle the peplum, a la this sweater. At least, that’s the plan.

So, now to enjoy the waning days of 2016 and look forward to a new life in 2017!!!


8 thoughts on “Bunnies are still a’hopping here

  1. Lovely as always! Glad the chair is helping you with your recovery! Nothing is better than a good recliner when you are recovering from surgery! I have used one 3 times now after surgeries. HUGS May God Bless You and Your Family in the new year.

    1. Thanks. Staples came out today and clean bill from the surgeon means it’s just a matter of time now. PT is killer, but that’s making things better, so I will do as I am told.

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