Last knits of the year

The knitting returned at the end of the year. Yippee! Enough to get a hat and a sweater done. They were already on the needles, so it was time to finish them up. I am not going to mention the wrap left over from 2015, the vest started in July, or the mittens started in September, that aren’t getting done. They will be a good WIP guilt list for 2017. Maybe threaten myself with no new cast ons until I finish them? Cause that has always worked in the past! LOL.

img_2985The bunny hat all washed and blocked looks much better than the last shot. Hopefully it fits the great-nephew it’s intended for. Just 2 more bunny hats to make and then retire that pattern for a long time. Used the Ella Rae Superwash yarn that I just love! Have a ton in my stash due to a sale in August. Makes me a happy girl!


Below, a finished sweater for a princess. Just hope it will fit! I struck out on the first one I made her, eek! Oh well, it is, what it is. Why do some patterns end up with short arms? Buttons will be sewn on later.

Now, what comes next? Already my queue for 2015 has 12 items on it! The three hangers on and 9 others. Thankfully 5 are hats, so fairly quick knits. 4 are baby items. There’s a boom going on around here evidently.

One just arrived yesterday, so his is urgent. Would like to get it done before I come back in Feb for my ortho Dr visit. I just might dip into that Ella Rae SW that I have on hand. 0-3 month size is totally doable in 1 month’s time, or a 0-1 year size for next season? It would be easy if you are actually knitting. Fingers crossed this spurt will continue!

For the other baby boy who is coming soon a fair isle project? With all those colors of Ella Rae SW I can easily do this with a denim base. The sizing isn’t for baby, nor is the weight right, but basically I can just insert the motif into a pattern that is sized properly. Easy Peasy.

And for the 3rd boy, who actually will be a toddler, another Robin Hood, this time in red Hayfield Chunky.

And then a baby girl, finally!, in April, so she needs a sweet dress. I have wanted to make this one for a long time! Finally bought the pattern, so it’s going to happen. But it will require a yarn purchase. I have nothing usable in stash. Oh well, who doesn’t love shopping for new yarn!!!

So that’s how I will start off my New Year, with more plans than focus right now. LOL. Maybe the list will work some magic and keep me in line. Or I can just let life work its ways and go with the flow. I am sure it will be a bit of both. What’s your 2017 going to look like?


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