2016 Recap

Well, 2016 went out with a whimper here. After losing my knitting mojo in mid October, I floundered and failed. I am sure it was due to all the upheaval of our impending move, hip issues, being displaced from my home and my knitting crew, and life in general. I am hoping that now the hip issue is resolved that I can become more mobile and maybe find a knitting crew in Indy to become a part of.

So my 2016 year in knitting looks like this:

I started out the year with 67,600 yards and 378 skeins.
I knit up 11,594 yards and 61 skeins.
I purchased 9,805 yards and 44 skeins.
I destashed 2,085 yards and 18 skeins.

Ending Balance of Stash:
64,230 yards and 347 skeins.

Over 3000 yards and 31 skeins less yarn entered my stash this year. In looking back, that’s about the same difference as last year.

The best fact from last year is that from Sept to Dec only 1 skein of yarn at 130 yards entered my stash!!!! And it was a must purchase for a project. In the cost analysis, I only spent $200 less this year as last year, but every little bit helps.

I really slacked on the FO total. Last year I knit 90 items, this year, 65. But the total for last year included a lot of hats. This year the break down was: 2 cowls, 42 hats, 2 shawls, 5 baby garments, 2 me size sweaters, and 12 miscellaneous items.

I think I pretty much kept to my goals over the year. But ended up with 3 items that will carry over into 2017. Not happy with that, but it is what it is.

In the favorite/hated items of the year we have:


My sweater, Jurisfiction, aka Plum Pudding

I love this sweater!! The only thing I wish I had been in tune with is the huge neck opening. Oh well, learn as you go. I think I will look to find a book to cover the issue with necklines and such.

Another thing I loved most this year is a blanket I designed and created for Jeep Girl’s professor’s baby boy.

25247424392_34b408fb91_oOlive Branch

Reports from Jeep Girl are that L uses his blanket all the time. I told her to tell the parents it is to be used, not saved for special events. It is the car blanket, the crib blanket, the always in hand blanket. I love that! This marks the 4th item I have made that became the favorite blanket. This means L will definitely get another hand knit in the future.



Such a sweet dress. I can’t wait to make another, and it will be soon since I need a baby girl gift for April. This dress was so easy and yet is so cute I can see lots of these in my future. This went to a friend’s grand-daughter in PA. It’s a good item for layering when it’s cold and then alone for warmer weather wear.

I seem to have a lot of favs. But that’s a good thing. Much prefer to have things I loved making than things I hated.

The least fav?


Pop Up Paws

Hated ever minute of these! The instructions were horrible. But they were a birthday request, so I persevered. Will never make another pair of these, ever!! At least never from that pattern. Oh well, we can’t always pick winners in this life we call crafting.

So that’s my look back at 2016. I will say, that it’s been a great and horrible year that I will look back at with mixed emotions. Love the growth my family has made in 2016. Love the times we spent together and memories made, but health wise, I can’t wait for it to be gone. Here’s to a much healthier and stable 2017! With no goals, no commitments and just living each moment like it’s the most important one. Happy New Year!


7 thoughts on “2016 Recap

  1. 2016 was definitely a mixed year! And only 65 projects — slacker, NOT! I’m sure I didn’t go over 20. Congratulations for ending the year with less yarn than you started with. And have a happy and healthy 2017.

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