Happy New Year!

We always ring in the New Year with friends at one of the houses. We hosted many years, traded off, and got it back, and then traded off again. Last night was in our old neighborhood, where we lived when the girls were in grade/middle school. Built in play mates in the daughters of our friends, conveniently housed at the opposite end of our street. Many memories were made between our 4 girls. Miss those days.

I bided my time ensconced in one of their new reclining couches, just the thing for me. But missed all the game playing going on in the kitchen. That’s OK, I watched sports, movies, and at the last minute the party in New Orleans to see the Fleur De Lis drop. And then, we all pack up and hightail it home to our warm beds!!!! No, I am not kidding!!! LOL. We are past the age of having to sustain the revelry beyond the witching hour. As we packed up to leave I joked that next year we will host in Indy!!! Of course, they all made sure we were going to offer overnight accommodations in that case. Oh course! We will have all kinds of floor, couches, beds, and chairs in the new house.

While enjoying the TV and the recliner I got out the yarn and cast on another hat. This is another bunny hat, just changing the colors around to red body, tan checkerboard motif, and cream bunnies. This one is for the older great-niece who will be here in a few weeks. I plan to get a furry pom-pom for her hat. I have another great-niece to make a hat for, but her mom wanted a more stylish look, so I am doing this bow adorned hat. Then one more bunny for the oldest great-nephew, using the same three colors in whatever combo I have enough to do! 3 skeins, 4 bunny hats? It’s doable. I might use two tones of a purple/violet combo for the bow hat. Just need to dig in the stash for the scraps.

Hip recovery continues to go well. The joint is still stiff from the swelling and doesn’t like the PT sometimes, but it’s getting easier to maneuver around. I have moments where I just want it to be all done and healed and no restrictions or cautions. The big 3 are: no crossing legs or ankles, no bending more than 90 degrees, no turning left foot inward. The foot thing is not a biggie for me, but the crossing at the ankle!!! The bending over!!! Argh!!! Especially when I am just used to bending over to put on shoes, dress, or pick things up. Good news is, this Dr says the precautions are only for 3 months. Before surgery I was told some Dr’s say NEVER stop following the guidelines and some say 3 years before stopping them. I think as technology has improved, and considering my younger age and better strength, time frames have changed. Thankfully!

OK, time to kick back and recover some more. As my healing has progressed, my appetite has returned, but now my body is having issues with processing heavier meals. We celebrated our last Christmas today and had food that was much too rich and full of fat! My stomach has been rebelling. Crackers and Ginger Ale are my friends. Close, personal, friends. Peace Out!


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year!
    I can’t imagine living with those restrictions forever. Three months is long enough. I’m glad you’re healing well.
    The hats will be great! I think your mojo is gearing up:)

  2. Glad you are healing well! My brother had shoulder surgery in Nov and is still having issues with it and I keep telling him it takes time. I stayed up until midnight and at 14 minutes after I was snuggled up in bed with my honey. It’s funny really, daughter was in her room playing a video game, I was in the living room knitting and watching a podcast and DH came home late from fixing the sound at church and promptly went to bed. We prefer to stay home and while away the time. Happy New Year!

    1. LOL! I would likely have been in bed if I had been home. Any other night I can stay up until 1:00 with no issue. But when I am forced to stay up, I just want to go to bed!!

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