Wasn’t 2017 supposed to be better?

Well, for me it is getting there, for the rest of my family, not so much. Immediate prayers needed for our mothers. My Mom will be seeing a Dr to determine what can be done for her Afib condition and for possible leg surgery to see if there is blockage in her veins. Also, my husband, trying to do a good deed and replace her faucets, didn’t realize she was trying to help him as he was under the sink. So he ended up lowering the sink on her finger. 4 stitches later she is fine, but he feels horrible about it.

His mother in is dire need. He replaced her storm door on Monday and noted she was sick. She suspected the flu bug that’s been going around here. Now, most people recover from these things, but when you don’t eat food, weigh 80 lbs, have smoked all your life, and go out in cold temps to blow leaves off your property in 30 degree weather, you end up with 3 cracked ribs and pneumonia (for the 4th time in 7 years). She is now in the hospital and we are not sure when she will get out. Left lung completely full, and of course, that’s the side the ribs are cracked. The 2nd bout of pneumonia was viral and almost killed her. We are praying this bout is not that bad. And then the next fight is to get her moved out of the house and into an apartment before the 4 bedroom, 2 story, house for 1 person, kills her. Prayers for all that would be so appreciated. It doesn’t help that we are headed back north this week and his sister is the only child left in town. And she just had surgery to repair her foot! We are falling apart.

In my world things are getting better every day! I have actually had episodes where I have walked without limp!! But I did learn a lesson about drugs. I have been on Tramadol since October 2016. This weekend I decided to back off since I have unwanted side effects from it. Cold turkey was not the way to go. I ended up having 3 panic attacks over the last 2 days. So following Dr’s advice I will be stepping down instead of cold turkey. I have always thought of addiction as being the person desires the drug. That wasn’t the case with me. I was wanting to NOT take the drug. But my body would not let me. I so cannot wait to be drug free!!!

Knitting is happening, just not every day. But at a friend’s request I need to start a chemo cap to replace the last one I made him. I don’t like to use non 100% wools, but for those who cannot handle the delicate care, it’s better to give them easy care. And the other photo is the progress on hat #3 for the greats-nieces/nephews.

img_2997 img_2999

This blue was as close as I could get to University of Kentucky Blue. I think he will be OK with it. He is going through a last ditch effort with a new treatment, so we are praying hard that this will beat it. He had Appendix Cancer, a very rare and unusual form of cancer. But through it all he has remained positive and loving. Such a wonderful guy. Best friends with Hubster since grade school and part of a big family which has made us part of the group. We camp, party, and sport together with these lovely folks. Such a blessing to have them in our life.

OK, that’s my check in for the week. Hope life is starting off on the right foot for you. I can’t wait until this blog turns a corner and becomes a more positive one in the near future!!

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Charles R. Swindoll


13 thoughts on “Wasn’t 2017 supposed to be better?

  1. Sending lots of good healing thoughts to your family. Dave’s Grandma is almost 90, and like your MIL, just doesn’t understand the concept of slowing down. She’s got a two-storey, six bedroom, with a VERY large yard. Dave’s mother has moved into help out, but its still really too much, and we’re trying to convince her a smaller, low maintenance place would be better.

    1. I know it’s hard for them to let go sometimes. My parents are in a 4 bedroom with lots of yard, which is covered in flowers and bushes my mother tends. But at 80, she has finally decided a condo is the way to go. So this year we will end up making 3 moves to get ourselves and parents settled in new abodes!

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