Happy Birthday to Me!

I am no longer a double nickel. Monday found me edging closer to the 60 mark. 56 never felt so good. Of course, if I keep getting new parts I will be better than new eventually! But believe me, I do not plan on any more replacement parts.

Not all of my birthday gifts are in yet, but here is the first haul.

img_3034 img_3033 img_3032

Moving to a colder clime demands more effective shoe wear. And after hip replacement, my body demands easy-on shoes. The casual shoes have elastic cords that are non tie, so easy slip on and off. The boots are not going to be easy on, but I will just have to make sure there is a person to help me tie one shoe when I wear them. The lady at the shoe shop had to help me try on the bottom boots. LOL!

My other gift is for the house. I am wanting to change colors in my bedroom, so this house will have a red/navy theme in the master. I just love this set.


I already bought some red towels, so just need to pick up a few navy sets and maybe few beige sets. It’s so hard choosing colors for a house that isn’t built. I thought I wanted to go with Pantone Greenery for my walls, but now that I went a totally different way in bedding, I will leave the original beige wall as is.

My knitting mojo is still hanging on! Of course, it’s only hats being cranked out, but as soon as I finish the last 2 I will be on to baby sweaters.

 img_3031 img_3018

Last bunny hat, not sure I have enough red! And chemo cap for a friend.

Update on life: This momma is one happy hen, all her chicks are now in the same city!! My sister joined all 4 of us for dinner Sunday to celebrate my birthday. It was just like old times, with laughter and sarcasm abounding. Diva Girl has had 2 days of classes and she says she loves her new campus. Knowing how much she loves big cities, I am sure that is part of it. She is exploring downtown Indy here and there and learning all the best haunts. Momma can now relax.


19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday!! The shoes are fabulous! I love the bedding. You’re going to have so much fun setting up a new house:) The hats are lovely. I hope you have enough yarn.
    I’m so glad your daughter is settled and happy. It makes it so much easier on moms when they don’t have to worry about their kids.

  2. Happy Birthday – and you know how I feel about footwear – can’t go wrong there!
    I want to change our bedroom to a red/chocolate brown theme… I just love the idea of a red in the bedroom – so rich and warm. Right now ours is cream, sage green, pale pink and pale yellow. It’s nice, but I think Dave would appreciate the red/brown more.

  3. Happy Birthday Dear Lady! The shoes look Fab! It’s nice to have all your chicks in one spot isn’t it. Wish my oldest chick would come back to TN. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday Chris! I have missed so much. I’m glad you are healing well and I’m sorry for all the hardships, but you are so upbeat. I’m happy your girls are all together and you are celebrating with your loves. I’m wishing you the best for this day, year and life.

  5. Happy, happy birthday! I love those bottom boots. They look like they will give you good, solid footing on the ice and snow.

    Glad you hear all your chickies are close by. That does a mama’s heart GOOD!

  6. Happy Birthday! I know it must be an amazing feeling to have all your chicks so close! And being a total shoe/boot addict – I wanted to snatch yours right off the screen!

  7. Hope that you had a very happy birthday! Love the assortment of shoes, especially the duck boots. I wear mine year round. One of the blessings in my life is having most of my loved ones & family living in the same community as me. In fact, both of my brothers are my neighbors 🙂

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