Boots! Housewares!

My endeavor to own all the shoes/boots in the world continues. 2 more pair made their way to my home. Or, my sister’s home, since we are still here waiting for our house to be finished.


Love them!!! Now, if you live in the Indy area, “fear not”, for I have just assured us there will be no more snow or bad weather by buying my very first ever pair of snow boots! OK, wait, my 2nd pair. I had a pair back when I was a ski bunny, a perfect white pair to go with my mint green ski suit. But I digress.

Now the fun part is, still being on hip restrictions – no bending more than 90 degrees – it’s kind of hard to put on/take off boots! So unless I have a warm body, that’s not a dog, in the house, I have a bit of trouble putting on, zipping up, or lacing things. And then taking off is no easier. But I will sacrifice to wear these cute, cute boots!

In house news, the block is down and the plumbing will be next. And in housewares buying news, a new rug for our new entryway!!!


This will be out during the Spring and Summer months. Just Love It!!

I also add to our dishes by busying some accent pieces.

The set I got for Christmas

img_3064 img_3063 img_3062

I looked at the other sets and thought these bowls would be a good compliment/contrast option. Since the set only has bowls like the bottom set, I wanted more options. And the square solid color salad plates will give me another option for serving. I also plan to get a few of the dinner plate size of the solid color. Now to work on the lighting and fan purchases over the next few months.

Genesis 15:1 After these things the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.


7 thoughts on “Boots! Housewares!

  1. I love your boots!! Maybe I should get new boots, for snow prévention of course:)
    Lovely dishes. I haven’t gotten new dishes (other than my mother’s china which we probably should use and not just display) since before I was married. I think the square ones are so stylish. You’re going to be able to set a gorgeous table.
    Some day I’d like to know your shopping/decorating secrets. The rug is a show piece! Your front entry will set the perfect tone for your home.

    1. Thanks! Yes, snow boots do stave off snow!! Thanks for the compliment, but I really just buy what I like! Right now the new house will be as colorful as the old. Maybe that’s a post for Monday?

  2. Hey Chris! I hope you don’t get any snow! I want it! LOL The boots are cute and I really like that rug! I am sure you will be so glad to get moved into your house. Glad to see that you are enjoying yourself even if you are still on restrictions. HUGS

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