Yarn Along

I end up knitting 5 hats each year for my great-nieces/nephews. It’s just what I do. Whether they want them or not. LOL! Last year’s hats were these:

eli connor hank
For the g-nephews

camdyn grace
For the g-nieces

This year was even more matchy!

img_3068 img_3048
For brother and sister

img_2985 img_2708
For g-nephews

And the latest FO, something different for g-niece
img_3111 img_3113

I was going for a Cloche style hat on this. It will be worn with the bow to the side. The brim was created using short rows in Seed stitch, then I proceeded to knit in St st to the end. The bow was created using Jenny’s Magic Cast-On, knit for about 2″, then Kitchener Stitch closed. Wove a strand in and out down the center and then gathered and wrapped the yarn around to create the bow shape. I am very pleased with the result!!

What is your go to item? Socks, hats, shawls, sweaters? I am hoping this year is more sweaters for me!!! But you know, I am the one in control, will I pull through with the plan?


18 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. This year, I only knit for my nieces and nephews, along with 4 out of 5 females. Hats are usually my go to item. I knit my nephew a minion hat, and my sister and SIL an Irish hiking hat.

  2. You make such pretty hats! I am sure they love them, who wouldn’t! I’ve made a few cloche hats and they are always loved. My latest foray has been pony tail hats and I will soon be doing a pair of flip flop socks for my sil. Have a great ending to your week!

  3. Your hats always look lovely! I have struggled with the cloche. I like yours, but for my own knitting … I’m totally over it. Happy Knitting Chris

  4. I try to do a quilt or sweater for each kid at Christmas. What is the pattern for the bunnies? My Daughter would love that!

  5. Beautiful parade of hats. In love with that adorable cloche style hat especially! My go-to knits are probably socks but I am loving knitting on my shawl lately, so maybe there will be more of those on the needles this year.

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