Fiber Arts Friday

Happy Friday. I am headed home later today. Back to my recliner tonight!!! I can’t wait. And also, back to my sewing machine so I can finish this baby sweater.


This summer I was able to pick up a bunch of Ella Rae Superwash for a great price! So I went a little crazy and bought much. And with a bunch of babies appearing each year, it was a great time to buy. This little sweater is going to Knox as soon as I get home, sew the steek, and finish up the button band. Oh, and find the right buttons!

The only thing I can’t be thrilled about on this sweater is my motif placement. I had it ALL worked out! Symmetry eluded me even though I plotted out the pattern on Numbers. I still ended up with a lopsided motif. Argh!!! But you know, the baby won’t mind a bit. His smile will get more attention than my sweater.

Join Kathryn for Fiber Arts Friday and share you hits and misses!

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3 NIV

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