Prayers and Blessings

A big request, a knitter friend from California has had a rough experience with her 7 month old little one. Baby G has been sick and after being poo-poo’d by the Dr they were forced, due to ACA, to find another pediatrician. Now this has caused her much sorrow, but God has turned it into something else. Her health took a turn for the worse and through all these issues they have struggled with, the result was they were in the right place at the right time to encounter Dr.s who saved Baby G’s life. They are now in a children’s hospital in LA hoping to find answers. They thought Cancer, but maybe not. She is receiving treatment and being kept stable at the moment. Please pray for Mom, Dad, Big Bro and Sis, and Baby G. She is the cutest thing, just doesn’t like to let Mom sleep!

And my blessing, which seems insignificant after that is, my Hubster who bought me a new car!!! He is always the one to let me have the new car and he takes over the old one. What a jewel! Of course, his cars used to be driven to a power plant, so who wanted a new car driving over dirt roads and long distances, 1-1.5 hours in his previous jobs. But now that he is in an office setting, even thought right now is still driving the 1 hour, he could have had the new car. But no, he wants me to have the car that will not falter. Wanna see it?


It’s a Mitshubishi…..




2017 Outlander ES!!!!
Wish the sun had stayed out to get the photo

Not really what we were planning to buy, we went lookin at either a 2016 Hyundai Tucson or 2016 Outlander Sport. There are some great deals on 2016 Outlanders! I wanted to drive the ES and the Sport to get a feel for the handle, and ended up driving a 2016 sweet bells and whistle Outlander. But, we didn’t need heating butt seats, so went with the non leather seated ES version. I am getting used to not being so high up as the Acadia and the Caravan sit, but the nice thing is I can pump up the seat to give my legs a more level position, which is why I prefer Vans and SUVs to sedans. My lower back does not like low slung seating.

Hubster didn’t think we needed the 3rd row seating, but I will be glad of the extra cargo in the back. And the first accessory I am buying is this! Protect the back seat from the dogs and restrict the dogs to the back seat! I can’t protect the windows from slobber, but at least the damage to seats will be stopped. So I am a happy girl and after a day of car shopping and hockey watching, I am taking it easy today after church. Since I am home right now I agreed to sing a solo at our home church. Eek! Hope I survived it! And while I am sitting cozy at home knitting on hats I will be watching The Hobbit 1 and 2, and would watch 3 but I don’t have it yet. So I will be a very happy camper today! I hope you are a happy camper at some point today.


8 thoughts on “Prayers and Blessings

  1. Your hubby is sweet, definitely a keeper! Do you know that the center of your steering wheel looks like a sheep’s head? Just noticed that. Have a good remainder to your week.

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