Sunday Silliness

Well what else would you call a post of randomness?

Our new house progress!!! It is an east facing orientation.

img_1242 img_1243
Front garage and computer room
right corner/side spare bedroom

img_1244 img_1237
Back left corner Master Bedroom
Back right corner/side dining nook and 3rd garage

What doesn’t show up as well is the bonus room in the full frontal photo. But you can see the upper windows in the 2nd photo.

Today I am stopping in a knitting/stitching/sewing shop for a bit of Souped Bowl Sunday. I have yet to check it out, so thought it was a great opportunity to see it without being the only person in the shop. And maybe meet some people and get a feel for the knitters vs sewists vs stitchers, not in an us against them way, but a ratio of. I am mainly a knitter now, but have gotten back in to sewing in the last few years. They have night time gatherings for the different groups, so I might determine which one I fit in best. I will have a group to join in the future when I move to the new house. The owner of Nomad Yarns, my future LYS has already invited me to come. But at night right now doesn’t sound enticing when I have to drive 1 hour to get there. When we move it’s 10 minutes!!! That will be the closest I have ever been to a yarn shop!

In life and health, I am getting better every day. Check in with hip Dr was good, everyone kept demanding to see me walk! I felt like a circus act. But the positive out of the visit was my ID card. It identifies me as a hip replacement “victim” for security clearance check points. Hopefully when I fly I will not be subjected to invasive searches because my hip is going off. Although, from horror stories I have heard, that’s not always an absolute defense. But you can bet I’m pulling that card every time!

So for the big game I am more Atlanta than New England, but only because it’s ANYBODY BUT New England. It will likely be on, but I will likely not even pay attention. I plan to just knit, cook, eat, and knit. Or likely fall asleep because they start the game so late now. What I will not watch is the half time event. Not really interested in these spectacles. Too hyped and not enough real, live, performances. So I’ll pass.

And that’s it, as random as I get today.


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