Quick knitting

A co-worker of Hubster’s is a new Dad. We are going to see the new family on Wednesday. I purchased a Valentine’s Onesie and an Easter outfit, but had always planned to do a sweater for Baby E. And knowing how he could use a warm sweater now, I thought, just do it. So I cast on Robin Hood trying to down size it 0-6 months, and as of Sunday game time, I had all but the side and sleeve seaming, and hood to go. Will I make a FO by Wednesday? I will need buttons and blocking to call it done after the knitting, but I think I can! I didn’t plan to have a finished sweater this week, but why not. When it’s Hayfield Chunky, it’s totally doable.


One of these days I am doing this sweater in an Aran weight and just see what size I can get it to.

I also have another sweater to do for a new babe, although she is now 4 months. She is having a baptism at the end of Feb so I decided to knit her a 6-9 month sweater she can use for Spring and Summer. I have used this pattern a few times before, so why not. Quick and sweet as can be! Using Tahki Cotton Classic in cream so it will go with anything. I am just not sure whether to do short or long sleeves. But the time it fits she might need shorter sleeves. But then again, who knows with the weather we are having. 6 more weeks of winter around here, so it might stay colder longer this year? And to be honest, we usually have cool weather on into end of May. I am thinking long sleeve.


So both of these are quick knits in their own way. Different yarns, Chunky to DK, but small sizes make for quick knitting! What’s your favorite quick knitting pattern?

As soon as these are done I need to get back to some UFOs. A pair of mitts for a knitting friend and a vest for me. I would like to wear the vest at least once before the weather warms.


7 thoughts on “Quick knitting

  1. Oh I know you can do it. You have such great things on the needles. I keep saying I’m going to do some mitts, but I’m consumed, consumed I say by this baby blanket. 🙂

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