Sweet sweater

We got a note from our friends’ daughter that her new little one is having a Baptism at the end of February. We were present at their wedding and were so happy to hear they were expecting. Of course I had to send a hand knit to the baby shower. And now I needed a gift for the Baptism. I try to not get knicknacks that have to be placed on a surface. I prefer to gift something useful. So my mind when to hand knits. And with the upcoming Spring, I know, 6 more weeks of winter, but eventually it will be Spring, I thought a lightweight cotton sweater would be fitting.

I dug out my stash of Tahki Cotton Classic and returned to an old favorite. This time I made the long sleeve version. And I love it just as much as the short sleeve style.

I made my first foray out to Joann Fabrics for buttons. OK, it’s not really the first time I was in a JoAnn’s in Indy, considering I managed a store here ages ago! But this new life in Indy is a clean slate. So this was my first time, this time. LOL. I knew exactly which style of buttons I wanted, a pearly shank style to match the creamy cotton. Perfect!

img_3196 img_3197

While at JoAnn’s I couldn’t resist this yellowy-chartreuse colored fabric, so I quickly found some coordinating grays for a future drawstring bag. I think this time I will make a larger bag and then use the scraps for a zippered bag.


I might also quilt the layers for a more solid bag.

And now with 2 recent baby items done it’s time to get back to me knitting, or some of those UFOs hanging about. The first up is a pair of mittens that have hung around too long. Time to get them done.

 img_3198 img_3199

These will be lined, I think. At least the cuff needs lining to prevent the curl at the bottom. But I will first need to try them on the recipient to determine if a lining will work. It’s hard to make a judgment without the person’s hand at hand to try it on. I am sure my hands are bigger due to being a foot taller than her.

So, what’s on your needles?


4 thoughts on “Sweet sweater

    1. Thanks. You think? LOL! I finally am getting back to the me I was before surgery. Not to say the mojo won’t leave again, I am thinking in 8 weeks when we hopefully move into the new house. I suspect there will be many other things taking up my time then!

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