Stash Saturday #5

Baby things! All the baby things!


What do you do when you find a chart for a beautiful motif, but the size of the sweater is not small enough? You hack it! This chart was created in Numbers using the colors I wanted to include in a gramps sweater hack for a friend’s grandbaby. We grew up with her family and our kids grew up around each other for a bit. Now she has a new grandson to love on!

I love using gramps for the base of all my hacks. I can do the shawl color/or not. Add any motif that strikes my fancy.

Kellan 1 jameson marshall

It truly is a wondrous pattern, with sizes from baby to adult, very versatile. Can you tell I love it!!! I think my favorite version is the right side. Shawl color WITH color work!!!

img_3167 img_3169

So Knox needed a sweater for the cold climes, too bad it’s too big to help him this winter. Knowing I would not likely get the size right for him to wear for long right now I went with the 1 year size. It will surely get more use next winter when he is more out and about.

A hat for Knox to match his sweater and Winter’s Fern for my knitting friend because it was her birthday! Using same of the colors I used for Knox’s sweater. Hey, I had them on hand already, but you can see I ran out of the denim and only got one stripe out of it.

img_3176 img_3171

Stash Deets:
Stash On Hand – 65,087 yards 348 skeins
Knitted Stash – 555 yards 1 skein
Purchased Stash – o

Ending Stash 2-11-17: 64,532 yards 347 skeins. Getting closer to that starting stash number. Better than going the other way like I did last week!


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