A Darling Baptism

We went to Illinois to be present at Hubster’s God-Daughter’s Baby’s Baptism. This was the reason for making this sweater.


And it was almost too little! Eek, I must reconsider the sizes I make. But it will be perfect for right now.

And right before we were off to Illinois a packet came that I had been waiting for a while. My new Labels!!!! I have always wanted to sew labels into my knitting and sewing, and never could decide on a design. Finally I just bit the bullet and did it. And here’s the very first one sewn into a knitted garment.


Simple but elegant, no?

While riding the 3 hours it took to get to the event I knit on the vest, finally into the bodice part of it. It’s supposed to have buttons the entire length, but I am saving them for the under bust to neck portion.

And just because I have little to offer in the way of knitting progress, here’s a photo of the boys.


Mister Cooper, on the right, decided to scrap the skin right next to his left eye and required a trip to the emergency vet. A $400.00 trip to the ER! We were just concerned that the scrap might have been too deep to heal easily. Well, Hubster was the one who was convinced it needed to be seen. I was not so convinced. He lasted 6 hours in the cone of shame before getting it off. Smart dog.


6 thoughts on “A Darling Baptism

    1. Thanks, I think they are the bomb. They are Mini Goldendoodles, made by a Mini Poodle Sire and a Golden Dam. They are also brothers from 2 different litters, same Sire and Dam 3 years apart. The one on the left is Notre Dame, we call him iNDy, and the other is Mini Cooper.

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