Saturday Stash on Sunday

Saturday was a busy day. We went to the 2017 NFL Combine to watch the tryouts for QB’s and WR’s. Wow, what strength and agility these guys have!! It was a great Birthday gift for Hubster’s 50th Birthday. He was excited. But during the event I experienced some distress that ended up in a 24+ hour bout of stomach bug. I am still affected by the bug, but the end is in sight. Or the Imodium is masking the symptoms. Enough of that.

This week was good for knitting. I started a baby sack for a newborn due to arrive in April. I am using a new to me yarn from Universal Yarns called Bamboo Bop. Focusing only on this since I left the extra yarn at home for the vest I am working on. Gah! I plan to grab more project yarn when I go home Wednesday to give me more options as I finish things. It’s all getting packed up at the end of the month in anticipation of the new house being finished mid April. So excited! But I digress.

Stash on Hand: 64,170 yards and 346 skeins

Knitted Stash: 404 yards and 2 skeins
Purchased Stash: 1 pattern at $8.00 for a gift. No yarn!!!

Ending Stash: 63,766 yards and 344 skeins!

Continuing to move in the right direction, but this week might see less stash knit due to the arrival of a new dog member of the household. My sister is getting a 2nd dog to have for her older pup. Once we leave and move into our new house we are sure her pup will be very lonesome for his cousins. So she decided a 2nd pup was needed. He’s a Cavapoo and very young. So I get to do the potty training while I still live here. Oh joy! But it’s all good, I also get to have all the puppy kisses and snuggles!!


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