Breaking of Hearts

Our very best friend, Hubster’s main bro since childhood, is not long for this world. We are heartbroken. We got back home Wednesday to see him, I drove down early and Hubster waited for the other Musketeer to get into Indy’s airport and then headed south. Family gathered all day, we dropped in at the Hospice Center about 6:00. I returned to Indy on Thursday and the guys stayed in town, wanting to spend as much time with the family as possible. J is basically doped up to alleviate his pain, so he is non-responsive, but we know he still hears us and we take comfort in that.

His wife and sons are devastated. We have watched as they sought out every option and procedure, hoping to kick this thing. Appendix Cancer. Rare, but treatable if caught soon enough. Unfortunately, J was one of those tough out the pain kind and he didn’t seek treatment for his issues. But the amazing thing is, his cancer saved him from the rupture of his appendix. The cancer ate the poisons filling his body. But then it went to work on healthy tissue and organs. Moral here: Check out any and EVERY little issue that just doesn’t feel right!

Feeling helpless, but wanting to do something, I asked L, his lovely wife, what her favorite color was. When I heard her reply I knew I was standing in the presence of God. It was in my mind to make her a prayer shawl. As I knit I would fill it with prayers for strength and serenity. When her answer came it called to mind 2 skeins of yarn I purchased aeons ago.

The Araucania Ranco was at such a good price I couldn’t pass it up. And the colors were just so vibrant that I thought they would be great together in a baby boy garment. Yup, I bought 2 skeins of UNWASHASBLE yarn to make a baby item. Stupid! And now un-returnable because they were clearanced. And so they sat in my stash.

And then L said, Ocean Blue and Lime Green.

So I grabbed the skeins to bring them back to Indy, and Thursday as I settled in for the evening I cast on a shawl. Serena Shadow Shawl. Works up quickly when started from the neckline down. And I will knit as fast as my fingers will allow, so that I can get this to her ASAP. I take heart that I just made J a hat in January, to replace the last one I made him. I know that L will cling to it so she can breathe in his scent after he leaves us.

I imagine the green is the foam of the wave on the ocean blue.

 Hug you loved ones tight, count your blessings, and say a little prayer for those in your life that are in need.


5 thoughts on “Breaking of Hearts

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately now it’s just a waiting game. You think every text or phone call is the one. We just want him to be at peace and rejoined with his parents and favorite Aunt.

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